Women Empowerment: 7 Aids

Over last few decades, this term “Women Empowerment” has been widely used. It has been discovered as the need of the hour in today’s technological and fast growing world. Women Empowerment implies the ability of women to make their own decisions in all spheres including economic, social and political. Empowerment of women is providing women, equal rights and opportunities in education, jobs, and politics. Women, from all over the world have come forward and proved to be capable of meeting every target which a man can, or sometimes cannot.

There are different resources and opportunities which can help encourage women to keep chasing their dreams:

1. Education

Education is the primary key to anything a person wants to achieve. A woman can only prosper when she knows proper skills and has been trained to carry out particular work. The opportunities for primary education have been enhanced by the time. The most potent weapon, education has given women, a chance to show their caliber with proper training and gaining adequate knowledge.


2. Access to Quality

Access to quality may attract women to fulfill their aspirations. When women are given enough circumstances to work, maybe equal to men, they may feel uplifted and motivated towards their job. According to the reports, in the United States, the pay scale of men is always higher than that of women. This is the factor which demoralizes the system. Therefore, the gender pay gap must be reduced. Also, female entrepreneurs must be given better financial support.


3. Access to Financial Services

Access to financial services, like Stock brokerages, mutual funds, insurance and many more, provided to women, can help them find a better place regarding money and assets.  A woman can feel uplifted when they have financial support behind them so that they might not lag in fulfilling their desires.


4. Political Upliftment

Political Upliftment started in 1920 when Women Suffrage was imposed. Women Suffrage provides women, the right to vote in elections. Before that, women of any age were not allowed to participate in any political affair. Today is the era, where women are given the same political privileges as men.


5. Leadership

Leadership, for instance, around twenty women lead their countries as President currently. Six women on the Council have been given visibility to the growing number of women ambassadors and high-level diplomats at the United Nations. Moreover, many women have come forward as great leaders, once they were provided with the right opportunities.


6. Social Protection

Social protection, essentially means legal protection for parental leave, unemployment benefits, childcare support, and social pension, must be implemented. This not only provides them with a chance but also gives them self preservation alternative.


7. Discriminatory Gender Norms

Discriminatory Gender Norms immensely prevail in our societies. There is an immediate need for men to change their attitudes towards women. There might be a feeling of competition and fierce rivalry, which can cause antagonism for women, in men. This discriminative feeling must be eradicated from society.

Women, nowadays are playing the most critical roles everywhere in the world. Some famous women entrepreneurs have made themselves single-handedly what they own today. Women can work equal or a lot more than men if proper opportunities are provided to them.


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