Why blockchain technology is here to stay?

The blockchain is basically, a digital record of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value. Bitcoin and every other cryptocurrency are reliable on blockchain technology.

The Blockchain technology offers many advantages:

  • The blockchain records are easily accessible. The blockchain records are verifiable by anyone. The records cannot be modified as they are entirely encrypted.
  • The transactions made on Blockchain are much faster, more reliable and more efficient than the fiat currency. This is much of an advantage over the bank.
  • Bitcoin, being the largest cryptocurrency uses Blockchain Technology, thus attracting a lot of people towards Blockchain Projects.
  • New Blockchain Projects are also emerging which are fascinating people towards itself. The Technology giants are also incorporating blockchain into their products and service portfolios.
  • The Blockchain offers significant gains for all over the businesses and industries.
  • The Blockchain Transactions are entirely transparent. With the increase in transparency, the malpractices can be monitored.
  • Blockchain eases the traceability of the goods exchanged that are recorded on it.
  • Blockchain reduces the use of the third party, thus reducing costs up to a great extent.


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