Who is behind YourStory.com? A look at their team and founders.

This world is surrounded by the stories. Stories! Which says the ups and downs of once life, how one reach the top, the way they survive from scratch to till victory? It’s not just always about businesses but about every individual’s life’s story. History of Indian Entrepreneurship is filled with full of passionate people for business, people who belong from small places but still wanted to build their empire in the business world, the new & creative thinker who becomes the future market-changer. Fund Analysis, pieces of resources that first glimpse when idea and fund emerge together and things started. Indian Startups are now at a peak in all over the business world. Yourstory.com covers national as well as international business startups stories.

The Founder

YourStory.com is an inspired platform for all those bunches of Startups stories. The Founder Ms. Shradha Sharma, who thinks that there should be a platform for each and every startup story in India, where they can share the experiences of their journey. They have covered 12 Indian States which evolves 12 different Indian languages for now and few of outside Indian places as well. Ms. Shradha has done a pretty well work for Indian startups. She strongly believes in the power of stories and transformation, connecting & inspiring people all around the world. But there is a more curious aspect is about the stories of people’s lives than the thing they tell. What world is considered in terms of beauty, was not important to her? But those failures, Blunders or mistakes people did while starting a startup and those scars which give them lifetime learning, She is interested in these stories; #The journey of an Entrepreneur.


The Team

Yourstory.com has a well-versed team of people. All of them are experts in their area of work.

Abhishek Nandi (Head of technology)

Abhishek is one of the main head people in the IT department of yourstory.com. He has almost 8 years of experience in IT technology with big MNC’s and has his own startup firm Odiocast [which is also a storytelling platform focused on content creation and it’s an audio storytelling platform]  as well.


Kirti Punia (Operation Head)

She is the person who takes new initiatives and leads operations. She has started her journey with yourstory.com in 2013 and so much ambitious towards her career.


Suma Ramachandran (Content Strategist)

She is the former content head and print journalist. She spent years of her professional life in financial research outsourcing and this turning a support function into a highly profitable business.


Dipti Nair (Journalist)

She is an award-winning journalist and has a rich career almost 20 years of her life in all media platform like print, web, Television etc. At present, she’s trying to build up new platforms to tell the stories of small and medium business.


Aditya Ranade (The StoryTeller)

He knows the art of storytelling by heart. For over past 6 years, he has a deep passion for illustration and graphics, driven by good communication design.


Mansi Kelkar (News Editor)

The News editor at yourstory.com and over 12 years of experience editing copies. She did clear and simple, short and sweet is how she like a story, and she is always decoding the big businesses idea in every copy she reads.


Vishal Krishna (The Business Editor)

He is working for 2.5 years in Yourstory.com. He has meetup 800+ startups as business editor. He has over 15years of experience under his specialty with the impact of technology on consumers and industries like automobile & retail.


Raktima Agarwal (Finance Manager)

Withholding a CA degree and experienced as treasury manager and a clam deposition personality. Now she’s handling finances of yourstory.com


Dr. Madanmohan Rao (The Research Director at Yourstory.com)

The research director of yourstory.com with media and editor of five look Series. His interest includes creativity, innovation, knowledge management and digital media.

So, tell the yourstory.com, your business story and share your experience while starting and running a new startup. Another specialty of this platform is as the number different stories over here which can motivate you as well.


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