What is TechSparks? Complete analysis


This is one of the startups‘ storytelling platforms. Since 2010, TechSparks has built a benchmark platform where startups, emerging business leaders, corporate executives, policy makers, investors, innovators & media houses also coverage to discuss, the debate and create new ideas & engagements that build and shape the technology, innovation & entrepreneurship narrative in India.

It’s been 8th years now since TechSparks introducing different business startups summit every year with a huge target market.

In it’s the upcoming ninth edition, being held on 5th & 6th October 2018, TechSparks will focus on how to win in the fastest growing economy of the most contradictory yet rewarding market of over a billion users.


In TechSparks, there are a number of well established & experienced professionals of various startups in the market. They come and share their journey from scratch to top, let people know about the different pros & cons while you are planning for a startup of your own.

All the speakers are well-known people like Shri Priyank Kharge (Minister for Social Welfare, Govt of Karnataka), Vijay Shekhar Sharma (Founder & CEO, Paytm), Sameer Nigam (Founder & CEO, PhonePe) and others. there is a long list of speakers who came every year in TechSpark’s business Summit of the year.


1. Till present Techspark has done Eight Editions of its business summit where 30,000+ attendees who attended the summits.

2. Over 500+ speakers are connected with TechSparks, who share journey & experiences with attendees.

3. There are 100+ sponsors out there who are supporting this every year startups business summit.

4. TechSparks has 160+ partners since 2010 till present.

5. The Number of startups who have joined & still connected with TechSparks is 10,000+, which is huge for now and still going to be increasingly high by every year.


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There is a list of different variables which involve in every summit, below list

1. Startup Showcase

2. Product Launches

3. Workshops

4. Themed Debate

5. Policy Discussions

6. Meet potential clients

7. Expert corner

8. Mentor connect

9. Investor Interaction

10. Media Coverage

11. Talent Discovery

12. Product Exhibitions

Benefits of Attending TechSparks Business Summit

1. While attendance at TechSparks, business leaders and large companies that are always looking to engage with young startups in their search for innovative ideas and partnerships. In TechSparks 2017, where investors and large multinationals scout for bright innovators with viable ideas.

2. In past editions, government representatives and policymakers have discovered emerging companies and collaborated with them to aid India’s progress.

3. You will always found a bunch of useful contacts after leaving TechSparks business summit and strong relationship also. You’ll be having a better understanding of business setup landscape and a new perspective from which to look different with creative & innovative ideas.

So, Don’t forget to claim your ticket for its upcoming business summit which is on 5th – 6th October 2018 in Bengaluru.

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