Top Women Entrepreneur from India.

Some of the top Women Entrepreneur from India who is radicalizing and contributing to the industrial development in the country.   


Despite all of the negative feedbacks as well as distractions, the women entrepreneurs in India have managed to bag some of the topmost positions amongst various startups. This article specifically deals with some of the best women entrepreneur from India who has radicalized the country and has broken stereotypes by adopting fields no one could imagine of.


Indra Nooyi

She is one of the most popular women entrepreneur from India with apart from being the CFO of Pepsico India Holdings, She is very young with an age of 56 years. She basically joined the company in the year 1996 and lasted until 2004, until she became the CFO in 2001. This particular women entrepreneur from India has also been awarded one of the highest civilian award in the country, the Padma Bhushan for her amazing achievements in the corporate world.


Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

The Chairman and the Managing Director of Biocon Limited is an original inhabitant of Bangalore where she completed her studies. Under the leadership of this particular women entrepreneur from India, the company has highly expanded in the field of oncology and diabetic medicines. She is also one of the board members of the Indian School of Business along with Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad.  Even she has received Padmashree as well as Padma Bhushan from the Government of India, in the year 1989 and 2005 respectively.


Naina Lal Kidwai

Currently being the general manager and country head of the HSBC group. The talented women entrepreneur from India completed her bachelor’s degree in Economics from Delhi University and went to Harvard Business School for further studies. For her immense contributions through her leadership skills in the field of trade and industry, the Government of India awarded her with Padma Shri award.


Chanda Kochar

The women entrepreneur from India who is 51 years old, is the Managing Director and CEO of one of the largest privately owned banks in the country, the ICICI Bank.  


Simone Tata

This particular women entrepreneur from India belongs to the family of the entrepreneurs who has been known for transforming the economy of India. Wife of Homi Jehangir Tata and stepmother of Ratan Tata had a complete determination to transform a small subsidiary of the Tata oil mills into one of the largest cosmetic brands in the country which is popularly known as Lakme. The women entrepreneur is also popularly known as ‘Cosmetic Czarina of India’. She is the current owner of Trent, which was initiated by the funds which they received on selling Lakme to Hindustan Lever Limited.


Indu Jain

The women entrepreneur from India is retired and used to be the chairperson of one of the largest journalism media outlet, The Times Group.  Currently, her two sons have turned out to become entrepreneurs and are running the company. She is also the chairperson of the Bharatiya Jnanpith Trust.


Ravina Raj- Kohli

Currently the president of Star News.  The women entrepreneur from India has also been claimed as the “Media Queen.” Ravina had also been given the task to initiate the call ‘Channel Nine’ from scratch within and duration of three months through which she was exposed to her limits.  She is a highly resilient lady who aims to create an impact across the world.


Radhika Ghai-Aggarwal

Having an MBA from the Washington University, Radhika has turned out to become the most successful women entrepreneur from India by co-founding currently, she is the chief business officer at Currently, she is the Chief Business Officer at which is transforming the online retail market in India.


Richa Kar

This woman entrepreneur has made an immense contribution to the women across the world by initiating an online retail lingerie based startup, Zivame. Initiated in Bangalore, in the year 2011 the company has gained huge amounts of success in the online retail market.


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