The list of top 30 gadgets of 2019

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Gadgets have made our lifestyle easier. With good performance and high standard, the following gadgets will fulfill your tech fantasy.


1. The Eco Show

It is a highly technologically advanced HD screen and it has an excellent Dolby sound. Alexa is equipped to tell you and even show you things. Like videos, music, movies, and so on. The Eco Show is one of the best gadgets of the year.


2. Philips Smartsleep headband

The moment you hear the word sleep gadget, people think it can cure insomnia. However, the smart Philips sleep gadget will assist you to get the best sleep by restoring the brain cells. It emits a tone that gives away a slow sleep wave. All these qualities make it one of the best gadgets of the year.


3. Philip’s 9000 Series 4k Oled TV

2018 has seen the best TV products, but the all-new razor thin 4k Oled TV by Philips is the ideal relaxing device after a hectic day of work. It has Ambilight technology and you can watch your beloved shows that are larger than life.


4. JayBird Run

If you are tired of tangling wires, it is time you go wireless with Jaybird Run. It is handy, lightweight and does not come out from the ear during intense run or workout.


5. RapidX X Car Charger

The charging device has 5 ports and can charge all devices in the car or during a trip. It is capable of detecting your device and instantly sends a quick boost to your phone.


6. Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker

Never feel disheartened with the size of the Bluetooth speaker. This small and compact device comes with quality sound. The Bluetooth is speaker is waterproof, comprises of a long battery of 6 hours, and has a range of 30 feet.


7. LuMee Duo Light-Up Phone Case

People who love clicking photos cannot ignore this innovative invention. This light up phone case has dazzling lighting not only for pictures but for videos too!


8. The Cinemood Portable Movie Theatre

It is such a compact device that it perfectly fits in your hand. Extremely lightweight and comprises of Disney family specials, Netflix, YouTube, etc. You can easily carry it during traveling, position it outside the house for movie nights.


9. The Ecobee Switch

The switch incorporates an inbuilt motion detector, ambient illumination sensors, plus you can effortlessly manage it from the application. Surprisingly, it possesses an in-built Alexa. The Ecobee Switch is on the list of top gadgets of 2019.


10. Sony Speakers with Beer Holders

Your favorite Sony brand now offers an excellent beer holder speaker. You can enjoy your music as well as manage your beer mugs. Make sure you do not spill your beer.


11. A self-moving suitcase

Ovis has developed a suitcase which is self-moving. It further incorporates a GPS tracker and has charging ports. You can even go back to the manual mode.

12. Apple Watch Series 3 LTE

It began as an iPhone’s partner, however, it works on its own. It has a built-in e-SIM and the watch will allow you to even receive calls and listen to music.

13. Leica Sofort Instant Film Camera

The love for the instant camera will never die and the Fujifilm’s Instax Minis will give you a feeling of the retro days. It is a sophisticated device and you can choose from a variant of funky colors.


14. Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale

This ain’t your regular body weight machine, along with showing the body weight, it has the capacity to display body mass index, water content quantity in the body.


15. Dyson V8 Absolute Plus

It might look like a Proton Gun, but then it is just a cleaner from Dyson. With the look of a nuclear reactor, it can spin around 110,000 rpm can suck stubborn dirt.

16. Google Home

Listening to music from speakers is a past affair. Today, speakers have become intelligent and smart to have conversations with them. Google Home is an Assistant which work upon your orders. Google Home surely has a position in the top gadgets list of 2019.

17. Wireless Hair Dryer

Volo Beauty is a startup developed a wireless dryer. It is equipped with infrared and radiant heating technology. The time span is about 14 minutes without going back into the wall socket.

18. iPhone XS Max

iPhone XS Max had to face a stiff fight with Samsung’s Galaxy 9. Both the phones have the same features, if not S9 than iPhone X Max.

20. Home Pod by Apple

The Apple Home Pod is similar to Amazon’s Alexa but has a better sound quality. People using Amazon’s ecosystem can switch to Home Pod as the features are much better than Alexa.


21. Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a portable gaming console. It sports powerful hardware and with Joy-Con controllers, gamers will get back their childhood.


22. Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500

It has the capability of reclaiming space. Users can easily go paperless with Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500.


23. Bosch or Siemens Dishwasher

You can easily wash 50 utensils together. With the help of Bosch or Siemens dishwasher, you can fulfill your dream of getting rid of house chores with comfort.


24. Amazon Kindle

The Kindle by Amazon has already won the hearts of millions of book lovers. The new Kindle is even more powerful, has long battery life and offers a great reading experience.


25. iMac

The new iMac has high features with great power. Set up your dream desk and work with style. With a big screen, your view is expanded and it has a better screen resolution.


26. VR Headsets

Virtual Reality has taken the world with a storm. People who love VR can never really go back without making a purchase.


27. Play Station 4 1 TB Console

Increase your gaming love and play your favorite games. Today with the help of PlayStation 4, you can enhance your gaming experience.


28. Huawei MateBook X Pro

The future of laptop is here, the all-new Huawei MateBook X Pro is set to unveil your experience of laptop work. It has a stunning screen along with components with cutting-edge technology.  


29 Moov Now

It has a six-month warranty and comes with a great price. Though it lacks a GPS Tracker and all other benefits, the price for a fitness tracker is apt.


30 Nikon Z6

It comprises of a full-frame mirrorless screen and engulfs all the sharp features with high standard performance. It also has a 24.5MP sensor which provides an amazing reproduction of colors and great details.


These were the 30 new gadgets that must be in your shopping cart in 2019.

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