Top 15 Food Tech Startups

Food isn’t generally a consideration when imagined of Tech Company. The food diligence has gone through a massive revolution in terms of implementation of new-fangled technologies. However, the industry is surfacing and there is a huge scope for increasing mechanization. Use of new technology comes in handy, offering customer- satisfactory services. The new-age associations are extraordinary and they provide a vision to invent and optimize solutions. Although immensely-competitive in nature, this division has enormous potential to nurture — and this has been validated with the use of these technologies.


1. Sugarlogix

Sugarlogix is a company that transforms simple sugar into functional sugars that isolate the most nutritional qualities of human breast milk. It was done using yeast fermentation technology. The goal of the company is to create milk sugars that have no flavor but carry health benefits.


2. Miraculex

Miraculex is a company that is dealing with the growing obesity problem in the United States. It was done by reducing, or perhaps eliminating, the large amount of sugar in our food and drinks today. It uses plant and fermentation technology derived from exotic fruits and natural proteins. Miraculex makes food sweet without sugar or negative health impacts.


3. ImpactVision

The company has developed a non-invasive technology by using image recognition and predictive learning. It was done to provide insight into the quality and characteristics of different foods. its technology allows producers to deliver consistent food quality and prevents supply chain waste.


4. SCiO

SCiO puts a lab in consumers hands and then allows them to make smarter healthier decisions. It is a micro-spectrometer that absorbs light reflected from an object. Then it breaks it down into a spectrum and analyzes it to determine the object’s chemical makeup. It allows consumers to identify the chemical composition of food including nutritional information.


5. Mimica

Mimica is developing smart labels on food packaging to let consumers know much more accurately the extent of the freshness of their food. If the label is smooth, it indicates that the product is still fresh and consumable. The label will tend to become bumpy a few hours before the product is not fresh anymore. It helps people to waste less food and save money.


6. Winnow

Winnow is basically, helping a lot of chefs to turn their commercial kitchens into intelligent operations. This is done by using smart meter technology attached to food waste bins. This system provides real-time visibility and measurable data that allows chefs to easily identify ways to reduce food waste in their kitchen.


7. ReGrained

ReGrained is founded on the basis of “edible upcycling” movement, that means to take whatis left behind when making our favorite foods and creating a new product. It rescues the leftover grain from brewing beer to produce their SuperGrain+ flour that is used to make every ReGrained granola bars.


8. Foodfully

Foodfully is on a mission to stop household food waste. It has developed an app that can automatically track your food purchases by integrating into loyalty cards and accounts from a number of grocery stores. The app will show your purchased items and make you aware of the freshness of these items.


9. Wasteless

Wasteless has developed a dynamic pricing software. It aims at reducing food waste in supermarkets. Wasteless solution offers supermarket customers different pricing based on product expiration dates by using electronic shelf labels. Consumers can enjoy much cheaper prices, the supermarkets can increase their bottom line, and the world benefits from a reduction in food waste.


10. Miyoko’s

Miyoko’s is on a mission to protect our planet by encouraging consumers to convert to vegan dairy products without even having to sacrifice taste. Age-old cheesemaking techniques, and modern technology, Miyoko’s is making 100% non-dairy products from organic plant-based ingredients using traditional creamery cultures.


11. Ocean Hugger Foods

Ocean Hugger Foods is on a core mission to create delicious, sustainable plant-based alternatives to popular seafood proteins. They have already started with their first product, Ahimi™. It is a plant-based alternative to raw tuna.


12. JuiceInnov8

JuiceInnov8 is on a mission to reduce about 30% of sugar content from every glass of juice we drink. It cultivates and screens through hundreds of microbes from nature to find the perfect natural sugar reducer. Their technology has enabled juice producers to customize the range of natural sugar reduction.


13. Drizly

Drizly lets you shop for thousands of products, including alcoholic beverages, from stores near you online and can deliver the product in very less time. Drizly has recently launched anew marketplace structure that has allowed consumers to compare prices between retailers and choose different delivery methods.


14. HERE

HERE is bringing people much closer to their food. It does so, by working directly with independent farmers to source local ingredients for all their products. HERE turns freshly produced ingredients into their packed products. All their products are made with completely no additives or preservatives. They are also plant-based and have clean labels.


15. NatureBox

NatureBox is an online subscription service. It is specialised for personalized healthy snack food boxes. Those are catered to the consumer’s taste and dietary preferences. NatureBox has created their own line of snacks with ingredients that are free from artificial colors and flavors. They add over 100 new snacks every month and they can deliver at your home or office.


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