Top 15 Angel Investors From United States

With three-dimensional of seed deals being funded by venture capitalists, seed startup fundraising has become additional accessible because of the increase in angel capitalist activity within the past few years. Between friends & family finance, that is measurable to be a $100 billion trade and angel activity calculable at $20 billion, over $120 billion bucks square measure invested within early-stage startups annually.

The following may be a list of a number of the foremost active and authoritative early-stage angel investors. Please note that the order is unfair.


  1.  Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is the Founder, President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Board of Under his leadership, became the largest retailer on the Web and the most widely adopted model for Internet sales.

In 1999, Time Magazine named him Person of the Year. In 2011, The Economist gave Bezos and Gregg Zehr an Innovation Award for the Amazon Kindle, and in 2012, Fortune magazine named Bezos Businessperson of the Year. Businessweek ranked him the no. 7 Top Angel in Tech in February 2010 and the Harvard Business Review also has listed Bezos as the second-best CEO in the world, after the late Steve Jobs of Apple.

Home: Seattle, Washington

Investments: 11, starting from $1.5m

Recent investments: Domo and Everfi (also The Washington Post) (as the chief investor in Bezos Expeditions: Rethink Robotics and Business Insider)


  1.  Paul Buchheit

Paul Buchheit is a partner at Y Combinator, a Silicon Valley-based seed accelerator that has funded more than 550 companies in more than 30 different markets. These companies include Reddit, Dropbox, and Airbnb. In 2012, Forbes named Y Combinator as a top startup incubator and accelerator.

He was the 23rd employee at Google, where he created Gmail and implemented many of its innovative features. He developed the original prototype of Google AdSense and was responsible for Google’s famous “Don’t be evil” motto. In July 2012, included him in its list of Top 50 Early-Stage Investors in Silicon Valley.

Twitter: @paultoo

Investments: 61, starting at $70k (as a partner at Y Combinator: more than 450)

Recent investments: Lob and URX (as a partner at Y Combinator: SimplyInsured and Goldbely)


  1. Jeff Clavier

Jean-François “Jeff” Clavier is the founder and managing partner of SoftTech VC, a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley that has closed more than 150 investments since its founding in 2004. Among the successful startups that SoftTech VC has backed are Mint (sold to Intuit for $170m), Kongregate (GameStop), Milo (eBay), Wildfire (Google), and Class Dojo.

Time Magazine named Clavier as one of the top 25 most influential people on the web in 2008. In July 2012, named him as one of the Top 50 Early-Stage Investors in Silicon Valley. In February 2010, ranked him 19th among their Top Angels in Tech.

Twitter: @jeff

Home: Silicon Valley

Interested in: Mobile/cloud saas, monetization infrastructure, marketplaces, and e-commerce

Investments: 17, from $50k to $6m (as managing partner of SoftTech VC: 145, from $200k to $40m)

Recent investments: Ustream and Seesmic (as managing partner of SoftTech VC: August and BetterDoctor)


  1. Paul Graham

Paul Graham is a partner at Y Combinator. In 1995, Graham and Robert Morris created Viaweb, the first ASP, which in 1998 became Yahoo! Store. In 2002 he devised a spam-filtering algorithm that has inspired the current generation of filters. named him to their Top 50 Early-Stage Investors in Silicon Valley in July 2012, and February 2010, listed him as number 11 Top Angel in Tech.

Twitter: @paulg

Home: San Francisco, Bay Area

Investments: 8, from $100k to $1.6m (as a partner at Y Combinator: more than 450)

 Recent investments: Watsi and ClassDojo (as a partner at Y Combinator: SimplyInsured and Goldbely)


  1. David Lee

David Lee is Founder and Managing Member at SV Angel, LLC, an angel fund with investments in companies such as Twitter, Foursquare, Flipboard, Dropbox, and Airbnb.

In July 2012, included him in its list of Top 50 Early-Stage Investors in Silicon Valley.

Twitter: @davidlee

Home: Los Angeles

Interested in: Advertising, Analytics, Big Data, Bioinformatics, Bridging Online and Offline, Consumer Internet, E-Commerce, Fashion, Local, Marketplaces, Mobile, Mobile Advertising, SaaS, Small and Medium Businesses, Social Commerce, Social Media.

Investments: 101, $25k to $250k

Recent investments: DoorDash and Judicata

Biggest exit: StumbleUpon sells to eBay for $75m


  1. Max Levchin

Max Levchin is President and CEO of HVF, LLC, an umbrella project for his ventures related to low-cost sensors of all types, near-ubiquitous wireless broadband, and advances in distributed, computing and storage. Levchin believes that data is becoming our most plentiful and most under-exploited commodity. Levchin co-founded PayPal and was its CTO from founding through its acquisition by eBay. His contributions to PayPal’s antifraud efforts are well known, and he also was the co-creator of the Gausebeck-Levchin test, one of the first commercial implementations of a CAPTCHA.

In 2010, Businessweek .com ranked him 12th in its list of Top Angels in Tech. In May and July 2012, included him in its Top 50 Early-Stage Investors in Silicon Valley.

Twitter: @mlevchin

Home: San Francisco, Bay Area

Interested in: Big Data, Bioinformatics, Consumer internet, education, infrastructure, marketplaces, mobile, payments, security, social media

Investments: 34 ,starting at $25K

Recent investments: Homejoy and Misfit Wearables


  1. Benjamin Ling

Benjamin Ling is an entrepreneurial investor at Khosla Ventures; a venture capital firm focused on environmentally friendly technologies and traditional venture areas such as the Internet, computing, mobile, and silicon technology arenas.  Additionally, he has held senior positions at Facebook and Google.

In July 2012, named Ling to its list of Top 50 Early-Stage Investors in Silicon Valley.

Twitter: @bling0

Home: San Francisco, Bay Area

Interested in: Big datachatconsumer internetdigital mediae-commerce, education, mobile, social commerce

Investments: 81, $50k to $250k (Khosla Ventures: more than 240, from $350k to $130m)

Recent investments: Keepy and Vamo (Khosla Ventures: Misfit Wearables and Grokker)


  1. Marissa Mayer

Marissa Mayer is the President and CEO of Yahoo! Previously, she was at Google, where she was Vice President, Location & Local Services, and Vice President, Search Products & User

Experience. Many publications have recognized Mayer’s accomplishments. These include the New York Times, Newsweek, and BusinessWeekFortunemagazine has listed her for the past three years on its annual Most Powerful Women’s list, and she was the youngest ever to appear on the list. named her to its Top 50 Early-Stage Investors in Silicon Valley in July 2012.

Twitter: @marissamayer

Home: San Francisco, Bay Area

Interested in: Analytics, automotive, B2B, big data, consumer electronics, consumer internet, deep information technology, digital media, email, energy, enterprise software, hardware, human resources, lifestyle businesses, maps, marketplaces, mobile, mobile games, mobile payments, online  video advertising, recruiting, SaaS, search, social commerce, video

Investments: 12

Recent Investments: Trainia Interactive and IfOnly


  1. Dave McClure

Dave McClure is a Founding Partner at 500 Startups, a Silicon Valley seed fund and accelerator founded by former employees of PayPal, Google, YouTube, and Yahoo! The fund invests in

Internet startups on search, social, and mobile platforms. Its initial investment size is typical $25k to $250k. He was also among’s Top 50 Early-Stage Investors in Silicon Valley in July 2012.

Twitter: @davemcclure

Home: San Francisco, Bay area

Interested in: Analytics, Big Data, Business Productivity, CRM, Cloud Computing, Consumer Internet, Crowdsourcing, Design, Developer Tools, Development Platforms, E-Commerce, Education, Email, Families, Fashion, Financial Services, Food and Beverages, Health Care,  Infrastructure, Kids, lead generation, local, marketplaces, mobile, music, publishing, SaaS, social media, video, web development

Investments: 61, starting at $50k  (500 Startups: more than 360, from $25k to $24m)

Recent investments: Goldbely and HAUL (500 Startups: View the Space, Colingo)


  1. Dave Morin

Dave Morin is Co-Founder and CEO of Path, a mobile network. He also once ranked as one of the United States’ top downhill ski racers. named him to its list of Top 50 Early-Stage Investors in Silicon Valley in July 2012.

Twitter: @davemorin

Home: San Francisco, Bay Area

Interested in: Agriculture, biotechnology, Bitcoin, consumer goods, e-commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, food and beverages, hardware, health care, life sciences, lifestyle products, local, media, mobile, news, online travel, photography, platforms, productivity software, social media, sports

Investments: 67, $25k to $50k

Recent investments: SocialRadar and Crowdtilt


  1. Matt Mullenweg

Houston native Matt Mullenweg is best known for developing the free and open source web software WordPress, the most popular publishing platform on the web. He is also an accomplished jazz saxophonist.

Twitter: @photomatt

Home: New York and San Francisco

Interested in: Consumer internet, content, e-commerce, food and beverages, marketplaces, media, music, musical instruments, open source, web development

Investments: 25, ranging from $50K and up

Recent investments: SmartThings and Tulip Retail


  1. Keith Rabois

Keith Rabois is a member of the Khosla Ventures investing team.

He was among’s Top 50 Early-Stage Investors in Silicon Valley in July 2012.

Twitter: @rabois

Home: San Francisco, Bay Area

Interested in: Big Data, Consumer Internet, Education, Information Technology, Loyalty Programs, Marketplaces, Mobile, Social Commerce, Sports

Investments: 51, starting at $250k  (Khosla Ventures: more than 240, from $350k to $130m)

Recent investments: Hey and DoorDash (Khosla Ventures: Misfit Wearables and Grokker)

Biggest exit: Former executive at LinkedIn and PayPal


  1. Kevin Rose

Kevin Rose is a general partner at Google Ventures venture capital firm. included him in its Top 50 Early-Stage Investors in Silicon Valley in July 2012, and he placed 15th in’s Top Angels in Tech in February 2010.

Twitter: @kevinrose

Home: San Francisco, Bay Area

Interested in: Consumer Internet, Location Based Services, Mobile, Social Media, Social Media Platforms, Social News

Investments: 15 (Google Ventures: more than 225, from $200k to $258m)

Recent investments: BufferBox and Treehouse (Google Ventures: Egnyte and The Orange Chef)


  1. Chris Sacca

Chris Sacca is Founder and Managing Director of Lowercase Capital, a venture capital firm that funds and provides advisory services to startups and late-stage companies. Sacca began attending the State University of New York at Buffalo when he was in the sixth grade and took graduate-level math classes there for six years.

In 2013, ranked him no. Twenty-one on its “Midas List” of Tech’s Top Investors. In July 2012,’s included him in its list of Top 50 Early-Stage Investors in Silicon Valley and in February 2010, ranked him eighth among its Top Angels in Tech.

Twitter: @sacca

Home: Truckee, CA

Interested in: Developer Tools, Information Technology, Location Based Services, Mobile

Investments: 85, $250k to $500k (Lowercase Capital: 39, from $250k to $9m)

Recent investments: Chewse and Streak (Lowercase Capital: Liftopia and MakeSpace)


  1. Aydin Senkut

Aydin Senkut is Founder and Managing Director of Felicis Ventures, a boutique venture fund focusing on mobile, e-commerce, consumer enterprise, education, and health. He was also Google’s first Product Manager and later ran Google’s Strategic Partner Development in Asia.

In July 2012, named him to its list of Top 50 Early-Stage Investors in Silicon Valley, and ranked him 15th among its February 2010 list of Top Angels in Tech.

Twitter: @asenkut

Home: Palo Alto

Interested in: 3D Printing, Consumer Internet, Deep Information Technology, E-Commerce, Education, Enterprise 2.0, Health Care, Mobile, Mobile Commerce, Mobile Payments, Mobile Security, Personal Health, SaaS

Investments: 78, $250k to $5m (Felicis Ventures: more than 150, from $100k to $70m)

Recent investments: NOWBOX and Worldly Developments (Felicis Ventures: CyPhy Works and Smartling)


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