Top 10 venture capital firms from around the globe

Early-stage company ventures obtain funding and direction from venture capitalists in trade for an ownership stake in the firm. Venture capital is the business capital presented to early-stage high-potential start-ups who are incapable of receiving the required funding by traditional means.

For several venture capitalists, there is a high risk of investment, and the potential returns are possible. Venture capitalists usually scatter their fund and indulge in some investments. Also, they are entitled to some investments so that the profits from the thriving investments can cover the loses from the collapsed ones. Venture capitalists act responsibly and enhance a firm’s production, expertise, and leadership. Moreover, business connections may turn out to be valuable.


Let us look at the ten highest grossing venture capital firm in the world:



Google Ventures seeks to discover a broad range of firms for investments. The areas include consumer internet, hardware, software, biotech, cleantech, and health care. The firm is interested in investing for seed funding, but that again depends on the prospects and opportunities. Moreover, the focal point of Google is restricted to North America. Its greatest investments were for companies like Censys, Deliv,  Ethos Technologies, etc.



The firm is focussed in investing in the sectors that deals with technology. It is a department for venture capital from Intel. Besides accessing capital, it attempts to offer the portfolio companies to access the global brand, technology specialists, talents, and expertise.



In the year 2000, Qualcomm began their fund’s processing as venture capitalists. They started making strategic commitments for investing in the initial stage for high technology venture. It has a history of funding various wireless sector organizations and also went on to settle the vital strategic markets by the help of regional funds.



It is a subsidiary venture capital firm of Johnson and Johnson and is working as proficient leaders in technology and health care. The firm was able to realize the symbols of health care trends and decisive investment possibilities.



Samsung started working on Ventures since 1999, to promote the establishment of small and medium-sized companies. The firm is engaging in developing the technology. The primary service areas include telecommunication, bioengineering, software, medical industry, film, and video industry. Meanwhile, Samsung’s potential investment lies in its startups and reaches to reputed companies registered in the stock exchange business.


CISCO Investments

With over 40 investment professionals and deep marketing expertise, Cisco has its footprints in several other geographies that include China, Canada, USA, Europe, Israel, etc. In the past twenty years, the venture capital firm has almost invested in hundreds of companies traversing different segments and encouraged them to grow thriving IPO’s.


TIME WARNER Investments

It is a firm that works on media and environment company and has its businesses on cable systems, interactive assistance, filmed entertainment, television channels, and publishing.


Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners

The group of Deutsche Capitals is an investment management group and possesses over 1 billion assets. They work for advisory and management and includes a portfolio is 70 other firms. The firm is dedicated to offering venture capital, particular situation investments and consulting assistance to the technology, telecommunication, and media divisions. Moreover, it works for European companies in Israel and the United States of America.



The firm is now famous as M12 is a vital partner for encouraging startups across the globe. It focuses on the growth of business and real client development along with manufacturing technology and strength including usable products. The firm is unceasingly interested in partner with the proven and new company to business startups attempting to leverage global maps to business.



Comcast Corporation is the parent company of Comcast Ventures, and in the year 2011 Peacock Equity Fund and Comcast Interactive Capital merged to form the firm Comcast Venture. Surprisingly, the firm leads to manage a portfolio of $750 and helps to invest in technology including advertising, consumer, enterprise, infrastructure spaces.



Venture capital firms are increasingly becoming a boon for startups, small and medium-sized enterprises. The way scientists publicize his/her laboratory discoveries and make it commercially viable. Similarly, entrepreneurs are converting their technical knowledge a successful business with the right assistance and guidance of venture capital firms.

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