Top 10 universities for studying Abroad for Indians

In India, there is a very common stream for all those who are doing good in mathematics & science and that is engineering. There was time when engineering is a dream career for majority of Indian student. But things got changed a bit where students opt other career options as well. The concern is there are some career option which have quite a good exposure in abroad only.

Though America, was a naturally, is a dream destination for Engineering and Science Students as it offers best research facilities and novel avenues in the technical field for engineers. But the big question that lies before them is where to take admission if they want to pursue engineering in USA or some other science career from top 10 Universities of abroad.

So here, I have done some extensive research over different universities in abroad and found the top 10 universities of abroad especially for Indian Students, which could be the appropriate options for them.

List of Top 10 Universities

This is the list of top 10 Universities 2019 in abroad for Indian students nurturing dream to study engineering and other career options.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

It is an unbeatable as the world’s highest-ranked University under the list of top 10 universities, holding on to the top spot for a record seventh year in a row this year. MIT is also gets highest score for its reputation with academics and employers, at third and fourth respectively.


2. Stanford University

This is also retaining its position from last year is Stanford, which achieves its best score for its academics out of the top 10 universities and for employers also. (Fifth for both).


3. Harvard University

Harvard continues to manage its position at third from out of top 10 universities till 2019 results but remains first in world for both academics and employers reputation.


4. California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

It is the smallest university in the top 10 universities; Caltech retains its position of fourth in the world this year. From student perspective, it has an excellent student/faculty ratio, and Caltech also beats rival MIT in terms of citations per faculty member indicator, for which it’s ranked fifth in the world.


5. University of Oxford

According to upcoming news for upcoming year 2019, results see Oxford overtake Cambridge and climb one place to rank fifth in the world and first ranked out of the UK’s 76 entries, and scored top-10 out of top 10 Universities for its academic and employer reputations as well as its students/faculty ratio.


6. University of Cambridge

Cambridge, slips one place in this year’s ranking from out of top 10 universities. But does achieve higher scores than rival Oxford for its reputations among employers, faculty and ranked second in the world for both after Harvard.


7. ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)

Switzerland’s ETH Zurich is the highest-ranked university in continental Europe and climbed three places in this year’s ranking out of top 10 universities, and with its best score for citations per member of faculty, a measure of research impact.


8. Imperial College London

It is ranked eighth in the world this year out of top 10 universities and is now London’s highest ranked university. Like UCL, it boasts an excellent score for the international students indicator, meaning you’ll be in good company if you will study at either university as an international student.


9. University of Chicago

The Chicago University maintain its position of ninth in the world in 2019 in top 10 universities, with a particularly high score for its reputation among academics.


10. UCL (University College London)

It’s down three spots, but nonetheless include amidst the top 10 universities in the world, The UK’s UCL earn the best score in its academic reputation indicator, and also achieves a strong score for its proportion of international students, making it a different place for study.

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