Top 10 technology related series on Netflix

Netflix is an online application which has the numerous top rated web series of every genre. It has an extravaganza of collection from all over the world, and top tech-savvy series on Netflix are:


Black mirror is the fictional science television series on British anthology by Charlie Brooker. It’s an aesthetic combination of satire, fiction, and psychological thrill. It’s an original series from channel 4 and purchased by Netflix in the year 2015. The Black mirror is based on how modern day technology can be self-defeating, how technology plays a pivotal role in our lives and how it is having a pathological effect on the human brain.


2. THE 100

The 100 is the apocalyptic fictional science series which was premiered on AIR in 2014.Its an action drama and a dystopian science fiction developed by Jason Rothenberg. The group of teenagers is the first humans from space habitat. It is about the 97 years after destructive nuclear decimation which sabotaged nearly everything on the earth and how the overpopulation is putting the land in jeopardy. And the 100 juveniles are sent on earth to ascertain whether livelihood is possible on earth or not.


3. 3%

3% is the fictional series from the USA developed by Pedro Aguilera starring Bianca Comparoto, Joao Miguel, Michel Gomes, and Rodolfo Valante. It’s a Brazillian thriller web series showing the sinful life of a human on earth. It’s about an atrocious future when 20-year-olds candidates have the only opportunity of completion. And out of the whole population, only 3% has to be selected to subsist in a Utopian society where the 97% will have to survive in the destruction.



Helix is the show based on a claustrophobic thriller by Cameron Porsandeh starring Matt long, Billy Campbell, Kyra Zagorsky. It’s a science fiction which starts with the virus spreading wildly in Greenland Research station. And the infectious virus promulgating maliciously and how contagious it is. The denounced virus is for the growth of the human race is the paradox used by the villain, on the contrary, it causes severe schizophrenia and hallucinations. The intriguing set of series is designed in 2 seasons and was released in 2014.



Star Trek is the fictional web series by Rick Berman and Michael Piller starring Kate Mulgrew and Robert Beltran. It’s the exploration of complete new life when they are guided and transferred them to the Milky Way into the Delta Quadrant which is the shelter to numerous new civilizations and patronized by the Borg.



Altered Carbon is an American web television series released in 2018 on Netflix produced by Brian Nelson, David Ellison and Dana Goldberg and is based on the fictional novel by Richard k Morgan. It’s a cyberpunk, science and action fiction. It’s about the future 300 years after where there’s no death. The up gradation and transformation of society have taken a place that human bodies have become interchangeable, there’s a constant tomorrow.



The Joy of techs is the technical know-how premiered in 2017 which is about the two friends on a debate of the tech-fueled lives we lead. Its fronted by Marcus Brigstocke and Alexis Conran. It’s the nonfiction series which includes the real-life crises the technology has put the human race in.



Dark matter is the Canadian television series created by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie starring Melissa O’Neil, Anthony Lemke, and Alex Malari Jr. The series is about the group of 6 people who get up on a spaceship with complete erased memory of who they are how did they land up there.



Agents of Shield are the fictional sci-fi web series created by Maurissa Tancharoen and Joss Whedon. Starring Clark Gregg and Brett Dalton. The show is based on an essential characteristic in which nothing remains constant except the flying car.


10. THE OA

The OA is an American web television series. It has strange yet amazing supernatural fantasy elements. The series is curated by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij which premiered in 2016. There’s a young woman called Praire Johnson who reappears after disappearing for seven yearsThe return of the woman ironically scares everyone because of the deep scars on her back.

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