Top 10 Startups working for a social cause

Some of the chosen startups that are absolutely determined to transform the world through their social causes.


Startups are the result of consistent efforts put by the entrepreneurs in order to bring their vision into reality. However, their relentless efforts usually go unseen behind the curtains. There are many startups throughout the world based on various technological as well as financial models but there is only a handful of them which are truly working for the direct development as well as nurturing of the people there nothing but the startups working for some social cause without the greed of money. All they do is selfless social service. The technological, as well as industrial startups, are as important as we startups for social causes are but the startups for the social cause has a huge impact on the overall development of the society on a long-term basis.


Let us discuss, some of the most promising forms of startups working for a social cause:


The Indian based startup is predominantly concentrated upon raising funds in order to support for some of the other kind of social cause that dawns the country of India. The startup was initiated by 3 entrepreneurs in the year 2010 with the main goal to urge people to be the change they want to see around the world.



This particular startup is working on the on a great social cause to eradicate Global poverty by finding out new methods to save the leftover food. It specifically has developed a zero energy refrigeration system with the used mobile units, in order to prevent the spoilage of food. Their innovative refrigeration solutions require absolutely no electricity and are also very lightweight in nature.


Toilets for People

As the name suggests, this particular startup is predominantly focused on a social cause of eradicating the diseases spread through unhygienic washroom conditions. It also prominently concentrates on the sanitary problems that persist in the developing nations throughout the world, indirectly affecting the health of the citizens of that country.



This particular startup is predominantly concentrated on the social cause of providing benefits both to nature as well as low-income families. it basically assists the families to collect the wastes and effectively use them for the recycling purposes. With almost 7000 houses registered under them, the startup has managed to collect 8 metric tons of waste until now.


Teach For India

The nationwide movement was initiated in the year 2009 with the with a sole goal to eradicate the poor quality of teaching methods adopted in the country. The startup for the social cause has its operations running in seven cities in India with a firm belief to impart quality education to each and every child irrespective of his background as well as a social status.



The startup is working for an amazing social cause, where it effectively reduces the cost of skin dressing for would, by developing an alternative through the plants. The startup uses more natural ingredients in the product. Therefore, they can be 10 times cheaper than their existing counterparts and it is also estimated that it is 3 times faster better than the previous methods.


DayOne Response

The startup is highly famous for its disaster relief mechanism. One of its most notable product is its DayOne Waterbag which is nothing but a complete mechanism for water purification purposes. Their product has been deployed in many countries and it is estimated that it has provided almost 7 million liters of pure water to them.



Apart from being very famous for their corporate business functionalities, they are also known for their extensive efforts in the social cause of providing employment to the Indian youth. Specifically, they train the workers from Kerala to become data analysts, then later deploy them within the company.


Estufa Doña Dora

This particular startup is predominantly aiming to provide efficient, clean as well as hygienic methods of wood fire cooking within the rural masses.


Gham Power

The startup is based on the usage of solar panels by both commercials as well as domestic masses. Specifically, it brings highly affordable solar panels to be deployed for the citizens of Nepal.


These were only 10 of the most attractive startups working for great social causes but this is not the end, but these are just like the tip of an Iceberg, where millions of other entrepreneur’s hard work towards the development of the world must not go unseen.


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