Top 10 Startups from Germany to watch out in 2019

Top 10 Startups from Germany to watch out in 2019:


1. Infarm

Infarm is a startup that aims to crack down on farming’s environmental impact and to help the cities to produce food. This would help them to be more self-reliant. The organization achieved international heights by developing its own indoor hydroponic growing systems. This can be used in restaurants, grocers and distribution centers. This would help and every sector to produce an array of different plants regardless of the weather.


2. AUTO1 Group

AUTO1 Group has a vast aim to build a “trusted and transparent marketplace for mobility,” with its operations that would take place in over 30 nations. In 2017 alone, the used-car platform achieved revenues of 2.2 billion euros ($2.55 billion) and sold over 420,000 vehicles. Oh! This surely means that it is getting popular amongst the people!


3. door2door

With a mission to “significantly reduce” the number of personal cars on the street, the door2door app aims to offer people smarter routes to reach their destinations. Not just helping customers with better routes, it also helps in slashing emissions and traffic levels. Isn’t this app something that could be beneficial to the environment too? Obviously yes! With a dedication to hiring innovators and forward thinkers, door2door offers “delicious” breakfasts, free drinks to employees, in addition to helping staff relocate.


4. Contentful

Content infrastructure group, Contentful allows customers to create, store and publish their work among different devices with ease — a type of technology and platform that’s enticed customers like Heineken, Urban Outfitters, and Spotify. Contentful looks for talent who are “smart, enthusiastic and skilled” and can create a high-end content infrastructure that pleases customers.


5. Spryker

This commerce tech group is all about helping fast-moving companies get in touch and remain in contact with customers “across any conceivable touch point. ” Spryker describes its commerce staff as “world changers, risk takers, tech-brains, growth hacker, and creative minds” and brings in people from different skill backgrounds, including sales, engineering and operations.


6. FlixMobility

With a dream of creating sustainable, comfortable bus travel that was reasonably priced, three entrepreneurs have now transformed this concept into a brand that’s delivered over 100 million passengers to their desired destination. The mobility provider’s FlixBus brand was introduced in 2013 across Germany and went onto expanding across Europe from 2015, and reached the States in 2018.



COMATCH is another successful organization that has aimed support businesses by linking them up with independent consultants and industry specialists, with retailers Tom Tailor Group and Zalando having previously required their services.

It has been less than just five years and the marketplace announced in July that it had secured over 5,000 independent consultants and experts in its network; and for consultants who want to join the platform, they have to pass COMATCH’s two-step selection process.


8. Horizn Studios

Horizn studios are not just another IT boom but is the digitally-savvy explorer of today a new range of smart-tech options when it comes to luggage and travel essentials, including cabin bags that have removable smart chargers.

The consumers can purchase online. However, the group has two stores, its flagship store in Berlin, and one in London. People who have worked for the brand describe it as a “great” organization to be a part of, according to reviews published on Glassdoor.


9. Celonis

Enterprise software group Celonis’ main aim is to “analyze today’s processes, to make tomorrow’s world more efficient,” and it does this by offering its process mining technology and software services to companies who want to refine their everyday processes.

In June, the start-up hit “unicorn” status, having achieved a billion-dollar valuation, the Financial Times reported— a position that very few companies in Germany have reached.


10. N26

Having successfully brought in over 1 million financially-savvy customers, since launching its initial product in 2015, its no wonder digital bank N26 is considered one of Europe’s fastest growing lenders.

Inside the business, N26 is dedicated to becoming both a global bank and a diverse one, with the group aiming to promote more women in management positions, in addition to offering a talent program, which has seen more than 100 interns contribute to N26′s overall growth in three years.

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