Top 10 startups by women entrepreneurs.

Women entrepreneurs who are changing the face of the world for betterment.  


It is going to be very challenging for various women entrepreneurs around the world, as they subconsciously feel inferior in this male-dominated society. Nevertheless, some of the women entrepreneurs around the world have been able to prove themselves with their capabilities to the world. Being an entrepreneur comes at a great cost of self-sacrifice for the development of the company along with the team members. Below is a list of some of the most renowned organizations run by the women entrepreneurs throughout the world.

1. Kristi Grigsby: STEM girls book

One of the most popular business marketer, author, etc. around the world has initiated the STEM girls book. The executive marketer was predominantly working for major companies and was always in the field of storytelling for her company. The woman entrepreneur has undertaken this initiative in order to create awareness about Science, Technology, Engineering, as well as Maths among the people throughout the world.


2. Natalia Oberti Noguera: Pipeline Angels

Among many other women entrepreneurs around the world, this particular woman entrepreneur is the founder and CEO of Pipeline Angels, which is the most prominent financial organization which is all set to change the face of Angel Investments among women. They help a woman to get a nice exposure to the society, through their developmental bootcamps and along with various tips and tricks.  


3. Anisha Singh: MyDala

Initiated by this particular entrepreneur among many other women entrepreneurs across the world, MyDala is one of the great platforms to avail discount as well as offers across various domains. The initiative has been targeting almost 400 million users in 200 different cities around the world.  Prior to initiating this particular startup, she was working for the administration of Clinton to assist the development of women entrepreneurs.


4. Liz Wessel and J.J. Fliegelman: WayUp

A joint venture of these two women entrepreneurs has resulted in a platform called WayUp. This particular platform enables all the students of a particular college in order to connect with each other and share information regarding the internships, along with part-time as well as entry-level jobs.


5. Aashi Vel and Stephanie Lawrence: Traveling Spoon

These women entrepreneurs are the founders of traveling spoon which enables the travelers as well as tourist to completely transform their traveling experience.  the startup also has collaborated with many of the local hosts in 38 Different cities, of 15 different countries through the world.


6. Tiffany Pham: Moghal

Among many other women entrepreneurs across the world, this woman entrepreneur has initiated a challenging platform where the women’s across the world can share the ideas and beliefs with each other. The initiative which is termed as Moghal has also won a number of awards for its great developmental achievements.  


7. Kellee Khalil: Loverly

Having a hands-on experience at her sister’s wedding was when she had to manage all the necessary requirements the bride. It was then when she realized the potential of this particular kind of initiative in the market. Therefore 2 years later, she initiated Loverly, which is currently helping various Bridal requirements across the world. The small initiative initiated by the women entrepreneur has currently turned out to become one of the largest E-Commerce websites for all the bridal requirements, apart from providing various tips and tricks for both Bride And Groom.


8. Garima Satija: PoshVine

This particular woman entrepreneur is the founder of PoshVine and had completed her studies in psychology from the University of Lucknow and later MBA from the Amity Business School. Her initiative is a one-stop shop for all the requirements of the Travellers for a unique and different kind of experience.  


9. Sabina Chopra:

Being the co-founder of one of the largest online travel booking portal, she has achieved their initiative, a great status as, they have been in the field for a very long time.  In 2010 she was declared as a winner of travel and tourism, in the second annual women leaders in India.


10. Upasana Taku: MobiKwik Wallet

She was one of the co-founders of the most reliable instant payment mobile wallet, MobiKwik. She has done her higher studies in America and had also worked with PayPal, before coming to India and starting her own venture.


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