Top 10 startup working for the needy.

Some of the most prominent startups working for various social causes.


Entrepreneurs these days are finding it very challenging to find at least the most basic necessary requirements in order to initiate their own company. They face a lot of hardships as they try to get some work done. It was highly challenging especially for some of the women entrepreneur from India. There are also a number of startups working for the betterment of poor people within the country. Let’s try to discuss some of the startup working for the needy.


1. Hippocampus Learning Centres

This particular startup was initiated in order to provide education to the poor children of various villages across the country. The startup has already been able to achieve great success by offering pre-structured education to almost 11,000 children with 600 teachers and 285 schools currently. the fees are also very nominal which ranges from 3000 to 5000 rupees per year for a kid. Umesh Malhotra founded this particular startup in the year 2010, which has received almost 21 crores of funds.


2. iMerit

This particular startup aims to deliver power to the young minds of the nation. The startup is primarily based on providing the Indian youth, especially the woman, with the relevant skills required for the functioning in the digital corporate world. They help in them in getting good jobs without the requirement of a graduation degree itself. The startup believes that there is absolutely no requirement of any kind of degree for any individual in order to work within the corporate world.


3. Forus Health

Initiated by  K Chandrasekhar, the startup aims to prevent the eye blindness with various methods of its early detection. The startup is based on biomedical devices and its Retinal Eye Imaging Device is helping many people across 25 different countries around the world. He has completed his education at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and has developed a portable device which can scan the retina image and send its digital format to the respective person for examination.


4. Mera Gao Power

Initiated in the year 2010, the startup is based on utilizing the solar energy in the form of microgrid solar panels. It is estimated that this startup has been able to provide night electricity to almost 1. 25 lakh people in 1500 different villages of Uttar Pradesh.  Nikhil Jaisinghani, Sandeep Pandey and Brian Shaad are the masterminds behind the startup and have also received various felicitations from the World Economic Forum too.


5. UE LifeSciences

Another biomedical based startup aims for an early detection of breast lesions, in order to prevent further damage due to the attack on the body. The device predominantly reduces the cost of the scan which is typically very high to almost 80 to 250 rupees. The device can effectively collaborate with a smartphone for scanning purposes and one can prevent the expensive scanning provided by hospitals, which charge almost 2000 Rs. Mihir Shah is the founder of this startup and was inspired to initiate the same when one of his family members were suffering from breast cancer.   


6. Selco

Initiated in the year 1995, even this particular startup is based on the utilization of solar energy through the use of solar panels. It provides electricity for both businesses as well as domestic uses and breaks the myth that the villagers don’t get electricity.  


7. Boond

The Indian based startup prominently reaches some the most remote villages of the country, in order to provide them with efficient and clean energy resources for their effective utilization.


8. NanoPix

This particular Indian startup is predominantly based on helping the farmers of the country by sorting the agricultural products based on their quality, quantity, size, and various other factors.


9. Ampere Vehicles

This particular startup develops various electric vehicles like Electric bikes, electric trolleys, etc for the usage of the residence of the Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, etc in order to provide sustainable means of transport.


10. Bempu

The startup aims to save the lives of the newborn kids who are constantly being witnessed to die due to hypothermia or infection. The crucial temperature management for a newborn kid is miss managed by various nurses due to lack of knowledge, therefore, the startup spreads awareness about this concept to various mothers you provide skin to skin warming.


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