Top 10 Startup Incubator around the world.

Some of the most reliable startup incubators in the world.


The constant development, as well as competition, has resulted in a very challenging scenario for all the startups from various fields throughout the world in order to sustain as described in the competitive market. Until and unless the actual practical use case of the startup is very fundamental there is certainly no way it can sustain. There are huge amounts of pressure on the entrepreneurs of the world as they suffer from lack of relevant resources in developing a Startup of their dreams. Exclusive support, as well as relevant skill, needs to be imparted to the startups of various kinds, as a result, startup incubator have been initiated.

In this article let us discuss some of the most popular and reliable startup incubators throughout the world

1. Y Combinator

Situated in Mountain View California this particular startup incubator is one of the most reliable ones as it has been evident to impart investments to a number of startups and granting an amount of almost $120,000. However, due to some kind of misunderstanding between the founders the numbers seem to be going down. The most notable companies the startup incubator has the experience to have been working with, are Twitch, Airbnb, Dropbox, Weebly, Coinbase, Stripe, and Reddit.

2. 500 Startups

With a total of 1694 investments, the Mountain View California based startup incubator as most hands-on experience by working with companies like Google, udemy, and Rakuten. It is nothing but precisely an early stage as well as a seed funding venture capitalist organization. the Organisation consists of four major 1/13 smaller ones with over 60 different countries to serve to.

3. Techstars

This particular blockchain startup incubator has a very high experience of about 1557 startups. The startup incubator has invested in almost 1000 startups reaching the total amount of almost 8 billion dollars. It basically urges the entrepreneurs to keep track of their development by avoiding procrastination and initiating the project within a matter of hours.

4. Plug and Play

With a total of 731 startup incubation projects, the startup incubator has taken part in almost 60 exits initiative of various startups.  The startup incubator holds networking events each and every day. 51% of the total investments by the company has been dedicated to the pre-seed investors. The companies within the portfolio of this particular startup incubator total almost 7 billion dollars.  

5. MassChallenge

With a total number of investments being 1387, the startup incubator is highly popular amongst the people. Although the startup incubator is situated in Boston, its operations are spread throughout the world in the countries of Israel, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Mexico. It has also resulted in the creation of more than 80,000 jobs. It mainly concentrates on Fintech as well as Biotech.  


With a total of 1152 startup Investments, the startup incubator is the most popular one in the United States of America. The startup incubator is also highly popular for its real-world investments rather than investments in the digital world. In this particular way, the startup incubator is creating a real value which can be made use of by the people on a practical basis.

7. Startupbootcamp

This particular startup incubator is predominantly concentrated upon technologies like Fintech, IOT and applications, and food tech with almost 424 investments. The startup incubator has supported each and every startup of its interest with an average of almost 1.16 million euros.

8. Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF)

The Russian startup incubator has been highly reliable when it comes to the development of startups and has supported almost 335 startups to date. The major fields in which the investments are concentrated upon are big data, IOT, fintech, edutech, retail, as well as cybersecurity. Almost 4500 startups participate in online programs and a huge amount of people attending their event and hackathons throughout the world.

9. Wayra

The startup incubator is the most famous one in the United Kingdom with almost 960 investments in a various startup. The company prides itself on investing on an average of $50,000 in each startup and also most 45% of which are the female founders. Interestingly the startup incubator itself is backed by are the biggest telecommunication company, Telefonica.

10. Start-Up Chile

With over 837 investments around the world, the startup incubator is one of the fastest growing startup incubators throughout the world. it was particularly initiated by the government of Chile in order to attract investors as well as a venture capitalist from the world.


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