Top 10 most expensive fashion brands around the globe

The global garments industry is valued at almost 3 million dollars. Meanwhile, the luxury clothing brand has a valuation worth a whopping 300 million dollars! Can you believe it? Ask any millennial if they have not watched  The Devil Wears Prada. The movie has introduced people to the global fashion world when many knew nothing about apparels, and how to make it a fashion. Today in the 21st century, fashion brands have left no stone unturned to revolutionize the industry according to their terms.

Here is a list of 10 most expensive fashion brands, who are cherishing the explosive success behind their labels.


1. Chanel

The story behind the Chanel fashion brand is a legendary one. Coco Chanel is the founder, had immense talent in understanding what the world needed. She was a prolific designer and had a clear idea of what she has to do. Chanel made its mark with LBD, an innovative little black dress which is a ‘must have’ for any girl. Apart from garments, Chanel also has a perfume line, which saw huge records for its Chanel number 5.


2. Burberry

If you want to know which is the vintage fashion brand, it is none other than Burberry. Over a hundred years old, Burberry has bee class apart since inception. Thomas Burberry, in 1856 did not realize that his clothing brand would be so popular in the entire globe. The signature apparel of the brand is a checkered Khaki and plaid jacket. Initially it was curated for military purpose, later on, went viral among the civilians. With 3.4 billion dollars valuation, only the customers know their worth.


3. Hermes

The clothing brand was present in the 18th century and made leather harnesses, saddles and so on.  However, the retail world was explored by Charles-Emile Hermes, and the brand got some recognition. The third generation took the brand to another level. hermes daughters introduced men, women and children’s clothing line. The brand serves as the best example of epitome and class. Moreover, today the brand has shoes, bags, perfumes and what not.


4. Prada

Miuccia Prada was once a leader at a communist party in Italy, a graduate in Political Science. Today, she owns one of the most sought after fashion brand called Prada. She took over the business from her cousin, who apparently had no interest in fashion. Initially, the brand used to make different types of bags for the high-class Italians. Over time Prada introduced men and women luxury fashion line and gained popularity even before the collection surfaced in the market with proper flagship stores.


5. Gucci

Gucci is contemplated to be the most prosperous Italian fashion brands today. It was all started by Guccio Gucci, who worked as an immigrant hotel operator. He was highly fascinated by luxury bags, at the hotel, he saw customers carrying high-class leather bags. He went back to his native place Florence and began his Gucci journey during World War II. The star catch of the brand was the symbol as gradually his brand became famous and celebrities wanted to take photos with the logo. Since then, until today it is one of the famous and expensive brands in the world having a valuation of 12.4 billion dollars.


6. Dior

Christian Dior famously identified as ‘Dior’ began as a premium label of fashion designing and haute-couture for ladies in the year 1946.  Over time, later extended into Baby Dior for kids section and Dior Homme for gentlemen. It was one of the first labels to manifest their complete stock at their residence that was further their first flagship store at 30 Avenue Montaigne Paris.


7. Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce&Gabbana is comparatively new when opposed to the existing big old stars in the leisure brands. began in 1985 by Domenico Dolce, and Stefano Gabbana, furthermore, was constant and steady in augmenting popularity.


8. Ralph Lauren

The founder once served in the Army and had the experience of a salesman. He is now one of the now parts of the World’s Richest Men List. He is having the firsts associated with his name. His first emblem began with the collar T-shirts with logo near the chest.  


9. Versace

Gianni Versace is from Italy and hails from a family of designers. His mother was involved in a dressmaking business, and hence his introduction to the fashion world happened at a quite young age. Fashion designs and sketching outfits developed within him inherently, as he began operating with his mother when he was a schoolboy. He later flew to Milan and commenced freelancing. Finally, he launched his label ‘Versace’ in 1978 and began to market his first clothing collection.


10. Giorgio Armani

The brand simply presents sheer elegance, plus if you notice someone carrying the label in any function, you comprehend that they belong to the upper elite class. It all started in 1978, in Milan. After working with several Italian brands and his fashion knack made him build a strong network in the industry and hence, the brand Armani is standing tall among the sea of luxury fashion brands.


These were the top 10 highly prices fashion brands in the globe. All the stories depict a strong background filled with dedication and hard work. To mark your footprints, follow your passion and strive towards excellence.  

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