Top 10 Dating Apps Similar to Tinder

Dating applications have come like a breath of fresh air for the people who do not really like mixing with people at public places. It has also benefited many people to find their ideal match online without much extra effort. One of the most popular dating apps is Tinder, upon its arrival, people went crazy with its features and timelines. Now, there are so many dating applications to assist you to fall in love. If not love, you can find a partner to spend a weekend with.


Let us take a tour of other dating applications which are turning heads in the market other than Tinder.



This dating app called Double has a unique way of pairing people. It allows you to pair up with a single companion and match other partners for you to move for group dates. The app claims that it has a secure way of connecting people. The major USP of the dating application is, it helps to remove the awkwardness that is a common state of mind during a first meet and greet. If you are a laid back person and do not want to socialize much, then this app can be one entertainment piece for you.



This dating application helps you to connect with verified users from all over the globe. Usually, the app is seen flooded with posts by rich kids who have a lot of gadgets, vehicles and big houses. If you are divorced and is hunting for a partner like you, you can enter Luxy and hopefully encounter someone of your choice. The major USP of the app is it offers high security. Your data and privacy are safe with the app. It also filters a lot of requests that come from typical sugary people.



The app called Love Flutter works as your personal investigator. Once you find your match, it will draw all the tweets, bits of information, post and give to a complete picture of your proposed companion. The advantage of this app is that it is less shallow and Tinder. It is regarded as a well-planned application that tries to depict your personality instead of replicating your Instagram feed. They have launched premium services for people who have earned a blue tick on Twitter.



The app that acknowledges the proverb ladies first is Bumble. Females are entitled to make the first move. This is a good sign for boys as if a girl makes the move, then that means you were not just a swipe, the girl has invested her time on you. As a girl user, you can refrain from encountering all the unwanted messages from tacky people.

But the algorithm of Bumble pulls ten of the highly estimated and rated profiles at the top of your feed every time you enter the application.

The major USP of the dating app is it eliminates the chance of facing rejections.



Members of this app run a single IRL event and al the pervert type people are filtered. The app comprises of funny events and transforms the app into a club. You will feel a single drop in the sea of all the single ladies and gentlemen.



The application has membership strength of about 70 million. Like any other app, the features are pretty simple, you can view others profiler and strike a conversation and all this comes for no charge. The navigation is easy and it does not have any distracting sort of gimmicks. Users are allowed to write about themselves as a bio.


OK Cupid

It is an interesting application. Users get to play a quiz to know more about their companions. The end result comes out as a percentage. The feature helps you to avoid people who are just not your type.



The application helps you to make a connection with Facebook friend’s friend list. The app is quite brash and the discretion should pose as a problem. People can meet up for a casual hangout and channelize their collection.



It so happens that you came across a lot of people on road and cannot really forget the face. Happn is an app which helps you to get the information about people who walked past an hour ago. Within a 250 meters range, you can get to know about people. It might so happen that you work at same companies and get to know through the app, and guess what fixing a date becomes a lot easier. Unquestionably it is one of the most useful dating applications.



It is a meetup app that is developed to assist people to do things they like to do with other like-minded people. People can go to watch movies, visit museums and cocktail parties together. Get to meet your interactive app and lets you meet for useful conversations.


These were the 10 alternative dating apps similar to Tinder. Explore different types of apps and who knows you might find your soulmate.


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