The top 10 business tips by Steve Jobs

Not everybody knows how to succeed in a business. Everyone makes mistakes but we need to learn from them. There are many tips by Steve jobs that will help everyone who is willing to go the distance to achieve success in their business.

Here are the top 10 business tips by Steve Jobs.


1. Brand is important

You might make and produce one product or service or multiple products and service. This tip by Steve jobs tells that either you focus on everything at once and sabotage the whole idea or focus on one idea and make it the best but what matters is that all idea of all your products should get your equal importance and focus. This is one the tips by Steve job that says how you handle your products and services and put them into the market and how you deliver them to the customer determines the kind of business you have and the kind of business you are making the customer perceive. So, make sure that you are giving your best and brand your business with a name and meaning of its own in such a way that even when competitors may arise customers will not think twice to buy your product or use your service. This is one of the very valuable tips by Steve jobs.

2. Be aware of the kind of people around you

Your business is only as good as you are and you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with. The more competing the environment you the more persistent you might become to fight to survive and succeed. The more lazy or time passing environment you are in the more time you will waste uselessly. Make sure you are surrounded by people who support and encourage you and not demotivate you. This tip by Steve jobs is important in order to succeed in life too.

3. Focus

Focus on your values is one other important tip by Steve jobs. He states to focus on what matters the most. Don’t over think and don’t do something more than needed or expected because if you do your business will get exploited. This applies for both business and life. Give what the customer wants and fulfill their expectation. Instead of focusing on a lot of things and loosing half the focus on everything, always focus on one thing and give your best before you move to the next. This one other tip by Steve jobs that make sure you are on the right path.

4. Learn

Learning is not only in terms of knowledge but rather it is about learning from is mistakes too. Be better today than you were yesterday and be better tomorrow than you will be today. If you do not learn from your mistake you might them again because a mistake a second time is not a mistake, it’s a choice if you learn from it. So learn from your experience, mistakes and be better experienced and smarter daily. This tip by Steve jobs if followed carefully and seriously it will take you to places higher and higher in life and business both.

5. Customer centric

While developing a product or service make sure that you are producing it with customers in mind. Verify if you are and will be satisfying them because if you keep your ideas and values in mind and develop something and finally if does not match or worst case hurts the value of the customer it leads to bad faith of your business leading even to a maximum extent of getting shutdown. This tip by Steve jobs is to make sure that a business should first understand that customer is the king.

6. Never think small

This tip by Steve jobs has motivated a lot of business and people in life as there will always be struggle to succeed and one may fear it is possible what their mind think and heart perceives. Just because someone says you can’t do it, never judge yourself by it. Don’t prove yourself to anyone but rather always prove yourself to you and that’s how you become confident and then finally achieve the impossible. Always think big and dream big.

7. Be the best

Times may be hard and you might face hardships in life and business but don’t let that cloud your judgement and who you are. Always keep yourself balanced and be the best version of yourself and by this way you make a name for yourself and as a result your business gains the good name too. Show customers that your business it the best. This is one of the tip by Steve jobs is focused on making you a better person too.

8. Plan ahead

Always plan ahead but don’t over think is one of the meaningful tip by Steve jobs. There is a difference and some common relation between both too. When you plan ahead what is next you are prepared and planned for everything and you are ready to face what comes. But when you over think you might think too much and you prepare or get ready for what is next because you waste too much time thinking so don’t overthink and it is not good for health too.  Always plan for period of success and failures too that may come in the future. Be open to all kinds of situation.

9. Make constant improvements

Nothing is constant in life. But what matters is changing for the better and not worse. Your business goal and work does not stop just giving what your customers want and expect. It exceeds further only after you give them what they need. You have to make sure their expectations are met and satisfied and then make improvements to make them feel that as a customer they are valued and your business is looking for keeping them happy. Tips by Steve jobs were always constantly improving too making everyone feel better, motivated and inspired.

10. Create your business style

This tip by Steve jobs tell you not follow anyone’s style and idea. Don’t be an imposter but rather be your own hero and be the customers hero by always making they are satisfied. Have unique operations and styles. This tip by Steve jobs make you always think outside the box and be unique.


There are many tips by Steve jobs which will make you inspired and succeed in life and business. Not everyone’s life is the same but you can learn from other succeeded people in life and business and succeed in yours too.



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