Top 10 Alternatives to YouTube Worth a Watch

When it comes to watching videos, nothing comes in your mind other than YouTube. Popular videos earn millions of views. But, have you ever wondered what will happen if YouTube becomes inaccessible?

In recent days, videos have become an essential part of the internet and online viewing. Introduce yourself with a list of 10 alternatives to Youtube that will suffice your demands for video contents online.


Even though we know you use YouTube for all your video purposes, Vimeo will be a worthy addition for video sites. The site comprises of the web to support HD videos and displays user-generated fare. The content on Vimeo is of high quality, and it highlights numerous well-known movies. The site further enables an easy-to-browse exploration feature that helps to organize videos by creating channels and categories.  


If you are fond of short video content, you can sitch YouTube and get hold of Metacafe. It is a short video content viewing site. It has a good number of surfers, quick and precise review of the products. It also has trending videos, tips, and tricks on how to play games and decode difficulty levels. The video site Metacafe is simple and the browsing interface is user-friendly. There is a menu bar that leads to the list of latest and trending videos.


The brainchild behind an Israeli startup Qlipso, Veoh represents itself as one of the best internet TV firm. The site comprises of millions of videos, out of those the majority of the videos are professionally curated. It highlights a broad range of contents for TV, with a complete series of episodes, clips from TV series like Two and a half men. Moreover, Veoh also has videos like Melrose Place, Family Ties, etc.


The Internet Archive

If you want to search for a web library, then the Internet Archive is the best site to visit. It comprises of free contents like music, books, software and of course films. The site has a collection of historic contents along with the latest and trending categories. You can get hold of old movies that are not available in the other mainstream sites. The Internet Archive allows users to upload videos.



It has Sony Entertainment as its shareholder and it is kind of an online TV channel which highlights original shows along with movies from Hollywood sourcing from several other places. Crackle has received critical acclaim for some of its shows that includes web series of comedians, has a collection of good TV shows. It is the second site on the list which will help you browse older movies and TV shows that you might have missed earlier.


Screen Junkies

Original content is the key factor for success for any site, and Screen Junkies is one of the best sites if you want to come across original TV shows and movies. TV fights are one show which has claimed recognition. The show deals with debates and arguments like ‘ which was the most popular sitcom for the ’80s? With a subscription range, you can watch all the videos. But the free version will allow you to watch only a handful of videos.


My Space

Does My Space sound a bit familiar to you? Yes, it will because in the mid-2000 it was a social networking place which was a forerunner to Facebook. The site is viable till date and it shifted its focus on videos. The site covers interview based videos, and you can see celebrities is some rare situations as not in their regular ‘avatar’. You can come across a lot of similar video content on My Space like musical shows, sports car shows, etc. For instance, there are conversational videos like  Pedicab interviews of Dillon Francis and so on.


The Open Video Project

Interaction design Laboratory is the birthplace of The Open Video Project. The site deals with research, the ones who work in digital libraries and multimedia retrieval. Majority of the videos that are on the site caters to educational contents. NASA’s archives, classic TV shows, films of education that were released in the 1950s.



9GAG is quite a famous and profound collection of comedy videos, GIFs, memes, gaming videos, and anime. The contents from 9GAG are funny and cute. Best America’s Home Funny Videos. You can spend hours and not even realize that you are bursting out in laughter. However, the site further contains videos that are not appropriate for kids and can be risqué.



TED has become the grossing name worldwide. If you are not acquainted with the name, it is high time you must update yourself. The website of TED features above 2,300 talks that cover a humongous assemblage of contents. Niche like technology, science, design, a global issue is all discussed at TED score.

These were the 10 top alternatives to YouTube that you can consider if you want to enhance your video watching experience. With these sites, you can watch old and different kinds of video contents. Though YouTube is said to rule the hearts of the majority of the worldwide population, these options are worth a view.

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