Top 10 Alternatives To PayPal: International Payment Gateways

With e-money at the height of its use, apps like PayPal have become our best friends. The use of online payment gateways that users avail of for virtual money transfers is now becoming the best alternative to paper currency as well as other methods of money transfer.

PayPal is a simple app that allows people to transfer money globally on the basis of bank accounts linked to the app via the email address of the holder. Although PayPal until recently has been the most popular means of money transfer, there are up and coming apps that have now taken its place and are used by many people all over the world.


Here we shall discuss some of the top alternatives to PayPal

1. TransferWise

TransferWise is increasingly becoming the most popular app for online money transactions given that it allows users to send and receive money across borders with the minimum fees, cutting out any unnecessary hidden charges.


  • It has 4 million users globally and thus becomes one of the most accepted means of money transfer
  • The pricing is very transparent and cheap.
  • The app allows you to transfer money of 40+ different currencies
  • The money is transferred via the TransferWise bank account and not your personal bank account, thus reducing additional transfer charges.


2. 2Checkout

2Checkout offers a means of online money transfer with some of the lowest charging fee. Where PayPal is confined to only a limited number of companies, 2Checkout has numerous countries under its wing and thus keeps a more global approach.


  • No monthly fees or set-up fees have to be paid
  • It accepts payments through PayPal itself along with debit and credit cards
  • There are 87 currencies under its wing along with 8 payment methods and 15 languages.
  • The payment goes through 300 security rules for each transaction


3.  Payoneer

Other than facilitating online transactions Payoneer also allows you to keep a debit card, so now, you can not only transfer money online but also use an ATM to draw and check in money!


  • Payoneer can be used anywhere in the world
  • It takes very little time to set up an account
  • The transaction doesn’t need you to have any technical knowledge
  • You have easy access to your money through ATMs or your own bank account


4. Skrill

Although in the first look Skrill appears to be the same as PayPal, there are many upsides to using this service for your online transactions. Just like Payoneer, it gives you a debit card and the transfer process is made much easier for the money can be direct to and through that card. You also have access to your funds via your bank account or any ATM


  • Setting up an account is the easiest process
  • The security measures in transfers are commendable
  • Uploading and receiving funds is almost free of charging a fee
  • Skrill can be used anywhere in the world


5. Stripe

Stripe can be considered to be the favorite alternative to PayPal in the market. This is clearly shown by some websites who actually prefer Stripe as a means of payment when making transactions. It has partnerships with many famous online portals like Shopify and is highly customer friendly


  • The transaction money is automatically put into a bank account
  • It provides mobile transactions as well
  • It allows Real-time fee reporting
  • Apple as well as Android Pay is possible.


6. Google Pay

If you simply want to use your present debit and credit cards for online transactions, then Google Pay is probably the best service to use. It allows easy money transactions online and allows you to register via any card that you have


  • It takes very little time to carry out transactions
  • Transactions can be made using only the mobile number of the linked account
  • There is no fee at all, and no money is deducted or charged



The services provided by are very popular with online stores, as the platform provides reasonable rates and is highly customer friendly with an interface anyone can use.


  • It’s highly reliable and secure
  • A free mobile app and swiper are also provided
  • There is no setup fee involved


8. Intuit

Intuit provides you with a number of tools that can help you with the kind of online transaction that you want. It’s used by a large number of people and also uses the QuickBooks tool.


  • It uses QuickBooks
  • You can send invoices like PayPal
  • A Pay Now button may be integrated into your website


9. Dwolla

Very similar to PayPal, Dwolla is unique because it allows ACH bank transfers. Customer friendly and easy to use, it’s the best choice you wish to make large online transactions


  • Branding tools are powerful and easy to use
  • The transaction fee is only $.25
  • An instant cash transfer is offered


10. Braintree

Inclusive of a payment gateway and recurring billing, the Braintree system furnishes a way for you to store your credit cards, similar to Google Pay. A perfect mean of online transaction, especially for merchants


  • The pricing is transparent
  • You can collect recurring bills and store credit cards.


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