The Top Ten Upcoming Hackathon in India in 2019

Programming events are said to be one of the best top ways in which a coding specialist can come and have a chance and go at improving their skills, introduce or meet & greet with the other programmers or coders present there and in other ways increase networking and participate in the business.  For many people – coders & programmers – it is one of the opportunities to get out & actually use their skills in one way in which their current role is not required. However, very fortunate as we know that the internet is a vast place & there are too many websites & platforms that might help you find some of the most interesting events near you.

No matter what you are looking for – a challenging opportunity, something that might give you a large cash prize or maybe just something quite simple & quick to keep you on your toes – there are more than plenty of websites on the net to choose from. Hackathons are said to be the places where the crazy ideas here become a reality. To just help you get started, here are some of the top hackathons –

Smart India Hackathon

This is one of the national level technical events that is organized by the government of India. It is said to be one of the biggest hackathons around the world. It is one of the major projects of the government under the digital India initiative whose main aim is to actually solve more than several social problems pointed by some of the – large in numbers central government departments. The prize money for the first, second, third position holders among all the participants is around one lacks, fifty thousand and twenty-five thousand respectively. More than forty-two thousand students participate from almost seventy-five hundred teams who are shortlisted to around ten thousand students.


Rajasthan Hackathon

Skillenza organized this event – the third version – at Udaipur, Rajasthan. The twenty-four hours mind-blowing, different topics marathon for developers, coders, designers & also inventors. There are quite a few domains in the event. There were also tourism and bioinformatics domains to build tech for Rajasthan. Participants can form of one to four individuals. Total prize money of around thirty-two lacks has to be won by the winners & there is also no particular participation fee. Adding to this, there is also a particular reimbursement for the participants that are traveling from various states.



The Entrepreneurship Cell IIT Bombay organizes this hackathon event & it is said to be one of the favored spots among the engineering students who are actually looking forward or are up to take a challenge for about forty-eight hours. The incentives are both software & hardware along with prize money amounting to 1.5 lacks in both the categories.


Blockchain Hackathon

It is organized by the entrepreneurship cell of IIT Delhi – this blockchain hackathon is favorable to you whether you are UI/UX professional, startup founder & competitive developer. This hackathon is said to be a platform that can be quite influential for anyone to interact with potential investors & get your idea on the table.


Angel Global Series Hackathon

It is one of the most well-known Hackathons organizers around the world as it organizes it for the competitions about web development, entrepreneurs etc. It gives the budding developers or entrepreneurs a chance to pitch their ideas to the market and potential investors.


SRM Hackathon

It is organized by the IT association. SRM Institute of science & technology and was almost home to about fifteen hundred participants who were to confront each other & use their coding skills & hack some of the very fascinating life problems that are based on the different themes that were provided during the events.



It is organized by the VIT-CSI branch students and is a digital India & smart cities hackathon. The aim of this is to give the students a platform where they can showcase their talent & idea which can also be used and implemented for the welfare of the country.



It is organized in the November month, is a country level hackathon that is a one-day event that is organized across the seven cities. Prizes that are worth almost ten lacks are awarded to all the finalists. Also, the NVIDIA DLI offers some real hands-on training to the participants there.


Hack For Change

It is a series of hackathons which is more or less focused on solving real-life problems that get organized by a company. The finalists get prizes worth fifty thousand along with chances to appear in some job interviews.


DCB Fintech Hackathon

It is organized with the intention of bringing developers, ventures, institute and also the designers in the same place to develop some very innovative products for the DCB bank.


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