The Top Entrepreneurs 2018 list.

Everybody likes a change for the better but who really goes the maximum extent to achieve their vision. There are people who take such risks, they are called entrepreneurs and some of the top entrepreneurs 2018 are as follows.

1. Adam Spector

He is Co-founder of LiftIgniter and have been called as youth icon by Mark Zuckerberg himself stating he is one the top entrepreneurs 2018.  He and his team have developed a machine learning application program interface that is focused on helping all customers to customise their services and products in order to better engage their users and generate revenue.

He is one of the top entrepreneurs 2018 known for his vision and his methods of communication for innovating ideas and putting them into action for best results.


2. Byrne Murphy

He is the chairman of Digiplex whose name is marked as one of the top entrepreneurs 2018 too. They create sustainable and innovative data centres as remote storage facilities. They make sure are always ready for tomorrow in this changing technological world and build energy efficient storage systems.

He is one of the top entrepreneurs 2018 because he never gives up and he never lets his team give up too. He is persistent and motivates his colleagues to give their best too without losing hope always.


3. Cole Sirucek

He is the Co-founder and CEO of DocDoc. They have created and maintain a network of health care hospitals and doctors via virtual network allowing patients in need to connect with doctors when necessary without any obstacles to satisfy the patient needs.

He is known for his dedication and his constant aspiration to pursue something bigger which makes him one of the top entrepreneurs 2018. He believes in having an impossible goal and never giving up to achieve it.


4. Corinna E. Lathan

She is the Co-founder and CEO of AnthroTroni. She dedicated herself to work which was rewarded by putting her name among the top entrepreneurs 2018. They develop human centered technologies that make people feel better and improving the capabilities of what would not be possible without technology.

She is one the top entrepreneurs 2018 because she always believes in her staff. She highly believes that no one can be a good leader without their staff. Every staff in this company is respected with value that they might have potential to be in the top entrepreneurs 2018 list too thus making everyone their best.


5. Jason Clement

He is the managing partner and CEO of Sports Facilities Advisory & Sports Facilities Management. They provide a lot of valuable management services along with management solutions for various industries all over the globe.

He is placed in the list of top entrepreneurs 2018 because he also looks forward to what is next and never stops himself or his team from going beyond what they already know and do. They never limit themselves, they constantly keep breaking down the term comfort zone and prove that when you go beyond what you know you will reap your rewards.


6. Monica Wooden

She is the Co-founder and CEO of MercuryGate. They provide transportation services, solutions and manage their operations in the best way possible. They operate in such a way that they make sure all hard work is rewarded and is recognized in the eyes of their customers.

She is ranked as one of the top entrepreneurs 2018 because she always feels that there should be desire to achieve and do something which motivates and makes you determined to achieve it with a self-commitment.


7. Yunha Kim

She is the founder of Simple Habit. It is a wellness caring app for people focused on medication. They add a lot of different techniques given by different experts to best suit their customers and break them free from their daily life stress and give them a sense of freedom and inner peace.

Her attitude towards making a difference and being kind to all her customers and fearless of any challenger gives her the perfect qualities putting her in the top entrepreneurs 2018 list.  Being kind makes her the best and being fearless maker her a complete perfectionist.


8. Nick Puntikov

He is the CEO and Co-founder of First Line Software. They make sure that their services are always better for the world in one or another and make people’s lives better. There are two services for which they are known for. One is helping patients find their doctors in Africa and other is helping the hearing-impaired tourists or visitors that come to the State Russian museum.

He is known for his utmost care and keen interest in every single customer of his always wondering and finding ways to better solve a situation and come up with better solutions. This trait of him put him in the list of top entrepreneurs. He also gives his colleagues the right opportunities and chances so that they might hopefully make it into the top entrepreneurs 2018 list too.


Making it into the list of top entrepreneurs 2018 is not as easy as it sounds or when you read about it. You need to have the trait of willing to take risks, take a leap of faith in what you completely believe in even when others don’t, having the courage to face everyone even if it feels like the whole world is against you. Most of all sheer persistence is very important to achieve your vision if you wish to be seen in the list of top entrepreneurs 2018 too.


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