The list of Top 10 Angel investors from India.

List of some of the most prominent Angel investors in the Asian subcontinent.


Investment is very important but a quite complicated process which can basically be divided into three stages.

  • The first stage is known as the seed stage, where for the development of any organization or project, the founders invest their personal money along with the funds they receive from their close relatives, family, and friends. The investments in the early stage are mostly unofficial in nature.
  • Whereas in the 3rd stage, official investments are availed from most of the prominent Venture capitalists which account for almost 2 million to 5 million US dollars.
  • However, you must have noticed that we missed the 2nd stage. The second stage is actually named as the Angel investors stage or early investment and predominantly helps to bridge the gap between the initial funding of the project as well as the major funding by the venture capitalists. The amount of funds at this particular stage usually accounts for almost $25,000 up to $500,000.


Below is a list of some the most prominent Angel investors, in one of the biggest democracies in the world.

Rajan Anandan

Residing in Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore, he is one of the most prominent Angel investors in the list who is currently the Managing Director of Google India. He has been the most active Angel investor in the country with investments in over 80 different variety of startups. He is also the founder of Blue Oceans Company in Sri Lanka.


Sunil Kalra

Probably one of the only independent Angel investor from India who is being in the field since 2002 is highly acclaimed to be one of the most determined as well as adaptable Angel investor in the country. He has one of the most diversified portfolios ranging from technology, Mobile, Logistics, Healthcare, etc with more than 50 startups in his list.


Binny Bansal

The co-founder of the most popular online eCommerce website Flipkart has made it to the topmost positions in the Angel investors list in India. He has been able to achieve this position with just 4 of his major Angel Investments.   


Anupam Gopal Mittal

The unsung hero behind the success of Ola,,, etc is this particular Angel investor of our list. He specifically takes care of the projects and initiatives which do not lack scalability as well as a sustainability. Based on his personal preferences he has currently listed almost 50 startups in the country within his portfolio.


Sanjay Mehta

The Angel investor has received The Angel investor of the Year award in 2017. His portfolio currently consists of more than 60 startups in different domains. According to him, he would prefer to undertake investments only up to his personal limit and preferences.


T.V.Mohandas Pai

The head of Manipal Global education and an outspoken critic when it comes to the Civic matter and stands 5th on the list of most prominent Angel investors in India. He availed his education from The Bangalore University and has been a great support for the women entrepreneurs of the country along with 40 major startups being on his portfolio.


Anand Ladsariya

Currently, the chairman of Everest flavors Limited, he is one of the most prominent Angel investors is a country. An effective member of the team behind the project is what Anand looks out for, prior to any kind of angel investments. He has a reputation for funding more than 90 startups in the country.


Rajesh Sawhney

The Angel investor predominantly looks out for the startups based on the technology.  Nevertheless, he is also the founder of Innerchef. Currently, there are 35 startups in his portfolio. Meanwhile his company Innerchef acquired 2 food Tech based companies in Bangalore.  


Zishaan Hayath  

Initiated the Angel investments in 2011, he is probably one of the most youngest Angel investors on the list. He has also founded an adaptive learning website The IIT graduate has been funding startups like Ola Cabs and currently has approximately 30 startups in his portfolio list.


Girish Mathrubootham

With investments in some of the unpopular startups of Bangalore like Pando and FactorDialy, he is also one of the major Angel investors in the country apart from being the founder and CEO of Freshdesk, which is nothing but a cloud computing-based customer service platform.


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