The journey of Mcdonald’s: Ray Kroc

McDonald’s inception in 1948, from a small family of burger it has now become the fastest growing fast food chain having more than 30,000 in over 118 countries. Those countries, though, are approximately having their ranks diminished by one: the Golden Arches are extracting up stakes in beautiful Iceland this week. Mac McDonald and Dick started their eponymous joint in the year 1948 in the city of San Bernardino. With the right guide, once a milkshake maker woven by the success of the restaurant.


The Rise of McDonald’s Franchise

The end of the 1960s saw the rise of the McDonald’s in a comprehensive manner. There were almost more than 1000 sites across the United States of America. The first one was opened in British Columbia, followed by Costa Rica. Since then, the chain was spreading across other nations as well. In the year 1971, Golden Arches introduced themselves in 3 different continents. Stores were opened in Japan, subway of Sydney and Holland. After that, in 1979, a Brazilian franchise was started, with this, South America welcomed Mcdonald’s.

Increasingly becoming famous McDonald’s traveled to 118 countries with 58 million customers only in the US. Every state had the same menu but choices varied according to the country demands. The highest grossing item was the Big Mac roll topped with mustard in France. Asian countries served deep fried shrimps inside Big Mac rolls. When it comes to India, beef was not a part of the menu. Instead, they used veggies, beans, chicken, and rice.


Golden Arches of McDonald’s

The most famous symbol of McDonald’s is the Golden Arches in the entire globe today. Seventy-five burgers are selling every day. The story would not have been the same if Ray Kroc had not stopped by to have a bite to consume at the very first McDonald’s outlet, almost before 60 years.


The Man Behind McDonald’s Existence Today

Kroc had played a vital role in the development and growth of the most excellent burger joint in the world. He sold five multimixer devices to the owners of McDonald’s. However, he lost his fortune due to the release of some cheaper models. Kroc had another plan in mind. He thought that the milkshake mixers could be used to suffice the demands of the restaurant. With an opportunist mind, he approached the McDonald duo brothers.

After the success of barbeque food items, McDonald’s saw that hamburgers were the best-selling products. By 1955, they have already opened eight eateries serving sumptuous menu along with a speedy service. Kroc suggested, the duo brothers should go global, but they were dubious, as they feared their business might be replicated and they did not want this to happen to their established food chain. The responsibility of setting up a nationwide franchise was taken care of by Kroc.

However, after some years, the relationship between the brothers and Kroc went uneasy. Hene, after a financial turmoil, they separated. Kroc introduced the famous logo of McDonald’s and the increase in the car industry led to the success of the burger joint. Kroc was a great businessman and worked with precision. He insisted that each burger which is served in the restaurant has the same quality. Moreover, the packaging should also be consistent.


Symbol of Globalization

Soon the company became a symbol of the most exceptional burger in the country. Serving over millions of customers every month McDonald’s has created a benchmark of its own. It was highly responsible for enhancing the standard of fast food industry all over. Kroc has taken care of McDonald’s until his death, and it was he who made the franchise thus far. He got to keep the name of the company, and today everyone is familiar with the Golden Arches.


Highlights of the Famous Burger Joint till today

The restaurant serves 70 million customers all over the branches, and that is more than the UK’s population. It engages 1.7 million employees at its 35,000 subsidiaries, stands next in the ranking after Wallmart. The annual revenue amounts to be £16billion, making it the 90th biggest economy exceeding many nations.  


Now that you know how McDonald’s started and what went through, you will understand all the famous brand had to go through a lot of issues to earn their name. Today, the modern food industry follows the footsteps and has been flourishing ever since these food chain giants took initiatives.

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