The Great Dictator Speech by Charlie Chaplin.

Technology changes the world for the better and worse. People elect the governments but often their freedom is caged and they are neglected of their rights. The great dictator speech by Charlie Chaplin applies even to today’s life.


Expectation from the great dictator speech

The great dictator speech states how a leader should envision the world and how he must treat his fellow people, respecting their rights and freedom. Everybody must be given their equal rights and nobody must be treated as a machine in the machinery ruled world. Every invention made in this world should only bring people together and not far apart tomorrow than how they were close today. When you listen to the great dictator speech by Charlie Chaplin it makes you feel that one day his words in speech must come true because humanity still exists and should exist always.


“I don’t want to be an emperor”

The great dictator speech contains the power in conveying the meaning from the words that say the world does not need a rule but rather what it needs is a leader. He must treat everyone equally no matter who they are and what colour they are. There must be no discrimination. If an individual cannot make the world a better then at least he should make it worse. Nobody wants to hate each other; the leader should live by the code to make everyone happy and make sure that everybody lives happily by making others happy. Humanity might seem it has lost its way but the leader should find the way back to have free and colourful world.

“More than cleverness we need kindness and gentleness”

In the great dictator speech Charlie Chaplin says that by locking ourselves from the real world everyone thinks too much and feel too little for the things that really matter the most. What we need is, to show love and compassion to everyone around us and not hatred and violence. We must put a stop to the greed and start to live by the creed. We have to always help each other and share our knowledge with each other and live united.

Inventions should unite us

Every day something new is invented and those inventions should make the world a better place and not worse. These inventions should us bring us together and make life easier. Charlie Chaplin motivates the listeners not to feel any fear and despair about the harshness of the world and its greed because every hard ship passes and light always rises from darkness. The great dictator speech states that changes must happen but always for the better.

Be your own hero

In the great dictator speech Charlie Chaplin says that nobody should be ruled over by a master or a boss. We need to make our own choices and decisions and own their consequences to our responsibilities. That way we learn from our mistakes and become better unlike if we let someone rule us then it is like we are enslaved by their ideas and thoughts.

“The kingdom of god is within man”

He also says that we all have the power to create our own world with our own rules and regulations. We are the creator of our own happiness so we should take control of what is ours and live our lives free and happy. The great dictator speech makes us feel that we should not give in to darkness of life by losing our freedom to men of rule but rather we must give in to the light of life by living our freedom and living by that freedom for ourselves.

“Let us all unite”

We must all fight for our freedom is stated strongly in the great dictator speech. The great dictator speech also brings in the message from Charlie Chaplin conveying that let us all work together for freedom and make a new world that is free and protected. Let us take control of our power and show that humanity still exists and hope still exists too. Anyone who feels like giving up should see the fight of humanity and feel that they should fight for their rights and survive too without giving up hope. In the great dictator speech, the message clearly says not to trust dictators with power because they all lie and we must not believe in it but rather we must all believe in ourselves and in humanity. This way we break all barriers and attains happiness.

The great dictator speech would mark its meaning powerful within the minds of all people in the world till the day when the words said by Charlie Chaplin in the great dictator speech comes true in real life and are not just words. To be your own decision maker you may get criticized but it does make you stronger for the better.

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