The best list of Business Ideas in India

There are many business ideas in India and if it is a genuinely good idea that is solely focused on helping life for the world to be a better place then customers will flock towards it. Following are some best business ideas in India.

Farmers and their textile work

The way this textile company made its mark in the market states it is what it is today only because of having one of best business ideas in India.

Mr. K.R.Nagarajan, chairman of the company spotted the gap and lack of quality that existed in the business market for the dhoti segment and understood the power of branding. He believes in “Quality without compromise” and During a time of draught period amongst the farmers in Tirupur, he requested the farmers that “there is a good price for dhotis; will you make them for me?” and the word spread marking a start of the famous textile entity. Today the company sponsors and hosts fashion shows using their textile products. This shows that to have one of the good business ideas in India you just need to look around and seek ways to help the needy.

Sample food attraction

In 2018 this is becoming one of the trends in India for many restaurants making its way as top business ideas in India. The whole idea of this is to give free sample food of a choice made by the customer along with their paid food which allows the customer to explore their new food options and at the same time the restaurant gets honest feedback about their sample free food and can develop it for the better with the customers suggestions and ideas too. This is one of the unique business ideas in India because everyone loves food one way or another and what is better than giving free sample food to make everyone a foodie.

Services of rest for pregnant ladies

In today’s world women power is highly respected and everyone is equal in every way. There are many pregnant women who work at offices to manage families or make their own names for themselves to prove to the world but rarely they get the time to take care of them and their unborn baby. To help them services like bed rest, providing care taker, specialized food delivery, doctor visits, etc. can be provided to these ladies at appropriate times for those who register and this has been one of the top business ideas in India for a while as the importance of the vision here is realized by everyone and it will always be one of the best business ideas in India in the foreseeable future too.

Food in truck

Food scarcity is still one of the major problems in India. There are some services and companies that have made ideas to overcome this problem making their way into best business ideas in India. The idea is to have different kinds of localized food prepared and taken along different places in remote areas and place in city where slums exist the most making sure that whoever is hungry gets food to eat at a very low price or free of cost when the funding for the company is high. Making life better showing humanity still exits and helping people in their daily lives makes it one of the best business ideas in India.



This is one of the best business ideas in India because keeping our environment clean is as important as keeping ourselves clean. This idea includes bio-processing of wastes, food processing and using them to produce bio fuel and manufacture specialized bio-medicines too. At present many students are fresh from science backgrounds are flocking towards this field in the best interests in their heart to make life better. Best business ideas in India doesn’t have to be a money making one but making everyday life smooth and comfortable is just sufficient to get rewarded in all ways required which in turn would be a revenue generator too.

Keep it clean and get free Wi-Fi

The idea is genuinely convincing enough for investor to invest in this idea as it is good for the environment and also is like a reward for the those who keep it clean. It’s a win win situation in generating revenue too. This is one of the best business ideas in India because the idea is to keep garbage bins or waste disposal places with free Wi-Fi access attached to it. This is being recognized widely by a lot of food related companies right now. Even catering, restaurants and event-based companies are looking forward to it as it is promising and this makes it one of the best business ideas in India.

To have one of the best business ideas in India, you do not have to think hard. All you have to do is to think of ways to help the world be a better place and make a change for the better as a start of happier friendlier world.


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