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Apparently on 14th of February Amazon gave up on the plans of having the second headquarters. The initial plans of Amazon didn’t work out as fluently.
Joyce Sanders
New York rejects Amazon: The full story uncovered

Amazon is one of the biggest E-commerce giant founded by Jeff.P.Bezos. The company's annual revenue is over $61 Billion. The industry is an online retailing

Influencers give and take influencing. Who emerges as a good influencer probably was greatly influenced by numerous people himself.
Jennifer Bramble
Influencers Aren’t Born they’re Built

If we leave the world to its own devices, it will remain peopled by inexperienced minds, both young and old, there are certain traits that

What was it that made the difference and today makes Amazon accepted globally as the best place to buy goods online? Let us see.
Joyce Sanders
The Success Story of Amazon

Jeff Bezos, a name that brought a whirlwind change in the world of online retailing. Jeff is an American entrepreneur and e-commerce pioneer, the creator