Share market vs mutual funds

Share Market vs mutual funds. What is better for investment?


Share Market

It is always the subject matters to the stock market, equity market or share market; it is the aggregation of buyers and sellers of stocks, which represent ownership on businesses, this may include securities listed on a public stock exchange.


Mutual Funds

A mutual fund, professionally managed investment fund that pools money from different investors to purchase securities. These investors may institutional or retail. Mutual funds have both disadvantages & advantages in comparison to direct investing I individual securities.


Share Market vs Mutual Funds

A mutual fund is a collection of shares/stocks/bonds. It’s a pool of money from various investors who wish to save or make money by investing their money in stocks, bonds and others. Shares are the diversified platforms for buyers and sellers with ownership. This includes securities listed on a public stock exchange.


What is better for investment?

There is various investment option out there and the biggest question arises that how and where to invest and which would be the better option either in the long run or short run.

Though every investment platform is risk wearing, you can never get 100% assurance because the risk is always there. But the right strategy will always help you out form adverse circumstances or let you learn to deal with risk by applying the right market investment strategy.

People, who want to invest in equity market where and bond with a balance of high risk and return, generally choose mutual funds. Because nowadays investing in share/stock market through a mutual fund is a new market trend. One of the best investment options is a mutual fund in long run with a systematic investment plan [SIP].

Although comparing the share market vs mutual funds, a mutual fund is found as a good option.


Short-term investment

There is no tax on the short-term market gain. When you manage your portfolio, there will always be some selling & buying. It stocks are sold within a year, you have to pay 15% short-term capital gain tax. But for mutual fund, there is no capital gain tax on stocks sold by the fund. This can add up to various significant benefits for you as an investor in that fund.

And of course, this is to suggest that one must hold one’s equity fund for a year or longer to avoid short-term capital gains tax on the investment.

So, when you are comparing share market vs mutual funds, after all these declarations above mutual fund investment is the right choice.


Lower cost of investment

Different fund houses negotiate with intermediaries and therefore have lower costs. If you sell and buy shares, you will probably pay 0.5-1% as brokerage. You also required to have to pay demat charges.

Though, due to their scale, mutual funds pay only a fraction of the brokerage charged to individual investors. This benefit scale gets indirectly passed to you as a mutual fund investor and you also don’t have to pay or have any demat account.

As you can see that in comparison of both share market vs mutual funds, mutual is the better option in both long run & lower cost investments.


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