Richest in America. Their Net worth and how they got rich?

You might have seen that the richest in America are commonly known by people and surprisingly all of them are men and mostly work in Tech. They started companies like Microsoft, Facebook and others.

There is a fact that seven of the 10 richest in America are also among the 10 richest people in the world.

Here I brought up everything you need to know about the richest in America, given below


1. Jeff Bezos



He is one of the richest in America with a Net worth of $109.9 billion. Bezos at 53 and has recently became the richest person in history.

Before Bezos started his journey he used to sell books on the online platform, and this becomes the biggest e-commerce giant as, He worked so hard and worked at a hedge fund in New York after his graduation from Princeton.  

The beginning of was so much typical as startup lore – Bezos started this company out of his garage in Seattle in 1994, according to Forbes.


2. Bill Gates

The second richest in America with a net worth of $93.3 billion and in the Tech industry. Gates, at his 62 is an iconic entrepreneur of the world who co-founded the software company name Microsoft in 1975. He made his fortune primarily through his shares of the company after dropping out from Harvard.

He becomes a millionaire at 31 after Microsoft went public in 1986. In the 21st century, he’s become known for his commitment to philanthropy and established The Bill and Melinda foundation with his family in 2000.


3. Warren Buffet

The third richest in America with a net worth of $87.2 billion and in the Tech industry. He is at 87, not only known as under top 10 richest in America but also for the Oracle of Omaha, Buffet is the chairman and CEO of the publicly traded investment firm Berkshire Hathaway.  He is known for being a value investor who holds stocks over long periods of time and surprisingly he bought his first stock at the age of 11 and at 13 filled his first tax return with a $35 deduction for his bicycle.


4. Mark Zuckerberg

The fourth richest in America with a net worth of $77.5 billion. He is another Harvard dropout and becomes famous for starting his own tech company. He is the co-founder and CEO of Facebook, one of the largest social media platforms in the world. When his company went public in 2012, it was the biggest tech IPO in history.

He owns an estimated of $175 million worth real estate across the country, with 700 acres of property in Hawaii alone.


5. Larry Page

The fifth richest in America with the net worth of $54.9 billion. Page, 44 is one of the Google’s co-founders and now becomes the CEO of its parent company Alphabet. He met his business partner while he was working on his doctorate at Stanford.

Page’s most of wealth comes from inventing on his stocks of Google worth 6%.

Page was very fascinated with computers at his young age, picking up a passion for tech from his parents, whom both taught computer science at Michigan State University.


6. Larry Ellison

The sixth richest in America with the net worth of $54.7 billion. Ellison is 73, another college dropout and co-founder of the software firm Oracle in 1977. In addition to own about 25% of the company, he also owns the entire Hawaiian island of Lanai, a sailing team and even an entire tennis tournament, the New York Times reports.

He is an adopted child when he was just 9 months. So far in his early age with a clear career vision, he moved to California and worked as a computer programmer and a rock-climbing instructor and river guide, according to Times.


7. Sergey Brin

The seventh richest in America with the net worth of $53.3 billion. Brin is 44, also made his fortune in the tech industry as one of the storied co-founders of Google, along with Larry Page (No. 5). Born in the Soviet Union.

In 2015, he became president of Google’s parent company, Alphabet. He has donated around $50 million to Parkinson research after discovering that he has a genetic mutation predisposing him to the disease.


8. [Tie] Charles and David Koch

The eight richest in America with a net worth of $48.6 billion. Koch brothers are chairman and CEO of Koch Industries, a Kansas-based conglomerate with $100 billion in annual revenue. David is VP of the company and both own 42% of the company. Charles 82 and David Koch 77.


10. Rob Walton

The tenth richest in America with the net worth of $47.9 billion. He is at 73, is the eldest son of Walmart founder Sam Walton and the Former Chairman of Company. He stepped down from his role in the year 2015 after running the business for 23 years. Walton used to play football at the University of Arkansas and graduated from Columbia Law School.


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