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Helpful FAQ

KillerLaunch's Student Partner Program not only gives you a chance o win rewards by promoting our product, but it also stands as a once in a lifetime opportunity for every student to lead a community through his/her influence on social media. The transformational journey through the Student Partner Program is aimed at building the leaders of tomorrow by working with influencers of today.

KillerLaunch is India's leading job and internship platform that helps gives your career a killer launch through the right type of employment opportunities. Through our Student Partner Program, we aim at helping you develop your leadership skills to become the leader of tomorrow. Additionally, as an appreciation for your efforts, we also provide our Student Partner Program members with exclusive redeemable points and rewards.

As an internship and job search platform specially curated for students and freshers, KillerLaunch believes that every student and fresher deserve a right to gain experience in a professional workspace. For this, our platform has curated the Student Partner Program, which not only helps spread the word about the platform through word of mouth but also helps in developing and refining leadership skills of the Student Partner Program member.