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  • Delhi (38)
  • Httpswwwradvisionworldcom (6)
  • Hello Atithi Tourism And Hospitality Private Limited (5)
  • Complay Digital Media Pvt Ltd (4)
  • T A Solutions (3)
  • Aapna Infotech Pvt Ltd (2)
  • Akoswebmarketing (2)
  • Mansha Solutions (2)
  • Ameuro Migration (1)
  • Book Your Guru (1)
  • Digiqalindia (1)
  • Hr (1)
  • Httpsmachwancom (1)
  • Masqued (1)
  • Mclinica (1)
  • Md (1)
  • Netling (1)
  • Posist Technologies Pvt Ltd (1)
  • Value Box (1)
  • Veneka (1)
  • Webawibez Solutions Llp (1)
  • Yaanam (1)
  • Commis Chef /Commi Ii/Commi ! Required In Ireland (1)
  • Agm Sales (1)
  • Ardm/Sr Ardm (Agency Recruitment & Development Manager) (1)
  • Chief Technology Officer (Cto) (1)
  • Design Engineer Trainee (1)
  • Digital Marketing Manager (1)
  • Drupal Developer (1)
  • Engineers Required In Austraila (1)
  • Fashion Designer (1)
  • Forming Of Founder Team (1)
  • Full Stack Developer (2)
  • Game Developer (1)
  • Gm Sales (1)
  • Lead Engineer (1)
  • Mean Stack Developer (1)
  • Online Tutor For All Subjects/Categories (1)
  • Qa Automation Engineer (1)
  • Requirement Of Sales Manager In A Leading Bank In Hong Kong (1)
  • Senior Php Developer (1)
  • Senior Word Press Php Developer (1)
  • Social Media Executive (1)
  • Software Engineers Required In Austraila Under Govt Progr (1)
  • Staff Nurses Required In Abroad Without Funds And Ielts (1)
  • Start Up Recruiting (3)
  • Trainee Executive (1)
  • Urgent Hiring For Jr. Php Developer (1)
  • Urgent Hiring For Web Developer Female (1)
  • Utomobile Engineer Required In Germany Under Govt Visa (1)
  • Vp Sales (1)
  • Waiter (1)
  • Web Designing (1)
  • Web Developer (3)
  • Web Developer (Php) (1)

38 Jobs in Delhi

Jobs in Delhi

New Delhi is India's official national capital and is a wealthy city with a population of all ages and backgrounds. So if you're about to start new jobs in Delhi, it's best to be aware of the local work environment's specificities, although adaptation shouldn't be so difficult.


The work culture of jobs in Delhi

Being polite and professional is an essential part of any culture at jobs in Delhi. You must speak softly to build lasting professional relationships with your colleagues. A warm welcome or a hug at the beginning of the day is a perfect way to be amicable. Unless you're very close to your colleague, avoid asking too many personal questions, though. In the workplace setting, lastly, hierarchy is present. The middle and higher management accounts for freshers and those in the starting positions of jobs in Delhi. And one needs to give the seniors love and gratitude at jobs in Delhi.


While companies' structures are changing due to the growing presence of multinationals, many companies maintain traditional hierarchical structures at jobs in Delhi. Ex-pats hired to work in senior management positions are expected to give their subordinates clear instructions, rather than expecting individuals to use their initiative in jobs in Delhi.


Commuting and punctuality in New Delhi

During office hours of jobs in Delhi, New Delhi is prone to frequent traffic jams. And it would be best if you considered going early, so you don't get late. Delhi Metro is the best way of transport to avoid that traffic, although trains mostly are crowded during this time. Unless you're working from jobs in Delhi, most businesses would prefer you to show up on an official opening. Jobs in Delhi do allow their employees to start later, provided they leave later. That saves the employees from the peak-hour rush for jobs in Delhi. You will quickly realize that commuting work is an essential part of your day, making it necessary to find a smooth and affordable means of transportation for jobs in Delhi.


Finding jobs in Delhi

The best way to find jobs in Delhi is through your current employer Killerlaunch. For this reason, networking is so important when working in India. The majority of people relocating to jobs in Delhi do so through a transfer from within the company.

For those in Delhi with no links, work prospects can be investigated using KillerLaunch for jobs in Delhi. Online resources provide good jobs in Delhi business overview and are usually available in English. It is also possible for companies to advertise positions on their websites, so it is also worth checking individual companies for jobs in Delhi.

KillerLaunch can also assist ex-pats in their job-search for jobs in Delhi. But it's essential to make sure the recruitment agency is reputable. In India, many recruiters charge vast sums of money with no results. It is best to take advice from industry colleagues and avoid making any payments upfront for jobs in Delhi.


The formal dress code in Delhi

All the places of work prefer modest and formal attire at jobs in Delhi. Dress code includes well-fitted pants (or women's skirts), with collared shirts and closed footwear. While new upcoming startups are much more open to your own job attire choice, avoiding low cut tops and shorts at work is still best. Many of these, however, allow for casual jeans and polo shirts. Neither sandals nor flip flops are acceptable at jobs in Delhi.


Here's why one must look for jobs in Delhi:

  • Great exposure
  • Awesome nightlife
  • Better opportunities
  • Cultural diversity

Book Your Guru 9 months ago

Hiring online tutors across all categories/subjects (Academics, Skills, Hobbies, IT, Freelancing) - You have to undergo a basic selection process in order to become a teacher on our platform - ...

World Consultancy Services LLP Delhi - Delhi 9 months ago

Call Alka 7065027959 research, design & write new software programs business applicationsor computer games and computer operating systems. evaluate the software and develop existing programs...

World Consultancy Services LLP Delhi - Delhi 9 months ago

Job description call  alka 7065027959 Engineers work in a variety of fields to analyze, develop and evaluate complex systems. This can mean and improve and maintaining current systems or crea...

World Consultancy Services LLP Delhi - Delhi 10 months ago

Job description Call us 0091 706 502 79 59    or send us [email protected] radvisionworld .com patients' care requirements, focus on their needs and act on them Nurturing a compassionate environme...

md - Delhi 11 months ago

B.E. Mechanical Mechatronics can apply. Candidates should have good knowledge in Solidworks. Able to work in Mastercam. Candidates should have strong communication skills. Should have creative ...

hr - Delhi 11 months ago

Position Purpose: Assist in implementing the sales strategy of the organization by developing and managing the agency network.   Position ARDM/ SR. ARDM - (Agen...

World Consultancy Services LLP Delhi - Delhi about 1 year ago

Commis Chef/commi -ii/commi-! Required in IRELAND  Call  Anishka 7065027959 Radvision World Consultancy Services LLP Commis chefs assist different station chefs (chef de partie) in the kitchen...

World Consultancy Services LLP Delhi - Delhi about 1 year ago

Technical Programmer Required in Ireland  Job description Call us 7065027959 Programmers write code through the use of computer languages, such as C++ and Java. ... They work closely wit...

AKOS WEB MARKETING USA over 1 year ago

Job description Drupal Developer (NOTE: IMMEDIATE HIRING) The Position AKOS is seeking a Drupal & PHP developer to join our development team. As a part of our team, you will hel...

AKOS WEB MARKETING USA over 1 year ago

The Position AKOS is seeking a Senior Wordpress & PHP developer to join our development team. As a part of our team, you will help develop custom solutions and provide technical consultation...

AmEuro Migration - Delhi over 1 year ago

JOB RESPONSIBILITIES -  Build and maintaining client relations Work with internal departments such as the Marketing or Product teams to engage audiences and clients more deeply Meet and e...

Veneka over 1 year ago

About Veneka Veneka is a capsule wardrobe styling service featuring the world’s most sustainable and ethical brands. Style is personal expression and an empowering hand-curated capsule wardr...

Machwan over 1 year ago

Job Responsibilities    1.       Responsibilities in gathering data from primary and secondary sources of information in B2B, Education etc. sector and organizing, analysing this material, an...

Mansha Solutions - Delhi over 1 year ago

Responsibility: - Write well designed, testable, efficient code by using best software development practices. Create website layout/user interface by using standard HTML/CSS practices. In...

Mansha Solutions - Delhi over 1 year ago

Responsibility:- Develop, record and maintain cutting edge web-based PHP applications on portal plus premium service platforms. Build innovative, state-of-the-art applications and col...