July 2019: KillerLaunch is raising $2M in Seed Round


Importance of domain name has increased considerably, and it demarcates the thin line between success and failure. Valued as virtual real estates, investing in the right domain name can boost a company's reputation and sales. The significantly large market for domain sales, in the past five years, has sold 4,023,000 domains and collected $634.4 Million in revenue. 



To outperform our competitors by providing a competitive and accessible interface for domain trading, we require $2 Million in the Seed Round.  The rising potential of the Indian market can be tapped into for the expansion of our network.



How we've gained startups confidence

KillerLaunch provides an informative and clear interface for both buyers and sellers. Optimized content is available by categorizing and tagging that can be searched with keywords. Our nominal prices and provision for instant launch distinguish us from our competition.
Accordant purchases are supported, and SSL encryption secures all purchases.


Are all .com domains registered?

KillerLaunch is here to disprove this statement by providing a curated library of Top Level Domains (TLD's). Domains with .com as a suffix are preferred as they gain more traffic.


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