Influencers Aren’t Born they’re Built

If we leave the world to its own devices, it will remain peopled by inexperienced minds, both young and old, there are certain traits that no man possesses of his own accord but they are afforded to him by the circumstances and situations he faces over time coupled with the influence of people he comes across.

The biggest catch in the making of a person, who is capable of affecting the world around him, is that in his being existent, a lot of influence was probably involved throughout his past and thus we come across the phenomenon- Influencers give and take influencing. Meaning to say that anyone who emerges as a good influencer probably was greatly influenced by numerous people and conditions that surrounded him in the past.


Digging Deep

A classic example is the ever-enthralling life story of Oprah Winfrey who has served two and a half decades of her life as the host to her very own talk show. Born to harsh conditions and a difficult childhood, the impressionable child was raised to put up a fight no matter what level of inferno she was placed in- true enough that she was something of a precocious kid from the beginning, we cannot simply attribute her influential powers to her early promise of being a smart child. Her experiences, tragic and dark enough to leave their mark on the most thick-skinned people, were what made her what she was. She herself claims that a large part of her personality comes from the influence that her father had on her, his strict treatment of her as a child, his ensuring that all her lessons were learned on time along with the guided growth that she had under his eye. To all this was added the repression and neglect she suffered in her mother’s home; all in all, her circumstances and her fortune at being recognized by people when the time was right was what led to her getting a platform which she later put to use in expressing all that she had learned through her experiences and her hard times. This precept is not limited to great life events such as faced by Winfrey, take Jeff Bezos for instance; the multi-millionaire had his share of influence from life simply within his father’s garage and his school’s computer lessons. Having a keen eye for everything that his father did to manage his own business and entertaining a group of friends who were as eager to start their own online portal as he was, Bezos was on his way to success fuelled by the thoughts and actions of people that surrounded him.



Today, he is one of the most influential businessmen alive and the most sought after speakers for any given group of people who are looking to head-start their own lives. He continues to inspire not only aspiring entrepreneurs but all such people who have high ambitions in life; his jolly and affable nature along with his great communication skills, he attributes to the wonderful school and college life he led.

Thus, it will be fair to say that the birth of an ‘influencer’ is not an isolated miracle designed by God, nobody is born an ‘influencer,’ any person who takes on this tag always has a series of life events to relate, always people to remember and situations to thank for, for their place in the world and the society. Be it, Angela Merkel, Theresa May or Pope Francis and His Holiness The Dalai Lama- all these great personalities will always have a tale to tell of their journey to their present circumstances and beliefs in life.

If due attention and care is shown to any individual who is quick to lesarn and take on what the world has to offer him/her, we’ll find out that we ourselves may create many more influencers for the world and for all it is worth we might as well be one of the influencers ourselves, some sacrifices, dedication, and devotion is all that we need along with the right guidance to ensure that we come forth as one of the most looked to people for inspiration and direction.

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