How SOI Dog Foundation is ending the suffering of animals in Asia.

The city that you live in is filled with stray dogs and cats who have no place to live. Have you ever wondered about their survival? Well, there is one organization in Phuket, Thailand which is working day and night, to give some relief to their street dog and cats. The name of the organization is the SOI Dog Foundation. It was instituted in 2003 and they work as responsible caregivers to the street dogs and cats.


How is Soi Dog Foundation Working?

The foundation has a marvelous team of experts and caregivers who are working with dedication. The organization have a set of work and diligently follows that. It consists of spaying including neutering to protect outcast dogs, pups, and kitties taking birth into brief lives full of misery, simultaneously with the rescue, immunization, medical therapy, lodging, and adoption of some of the animals who cannot return from where they have come.

Each year, Soi Dog Foundation heads out to vaccine thousands of street cats and dogs in the city of Phuket, Bangkok and other nearby areas. Moreover, the team sterilizes thousands of dogs and cats and have established mobile clinics to help fasten the process. These mobile clinics in Bangkok are sheltering nearly 640,000 street dogs. Over a span of seven years, this project is estimated to have ten clinics.

As per the officials from Soi Dog Foundation, sterilization is the single proven appropriate and humane means of diminishing the stray community from the city. The foundation extends their heartfelt wishes and thanks to the population of the city, they were able to successfully curb and maintain the stray dogs and cats community under control.

The organization is able to sterilize nearly 80% of the stray population and the number of untamed creatures living on the streets has also come down.


Soi Dog Foundation Campaigns

The organization is working for the advancement of animal rights in the country as well as entire Asia. In addition to this, they are also ready to take responsibility for the animals who were affected by natural disasters. A very influential campaign started by the Soi Dog Foundation is the prevention of the illegal dog meat trade. They wish to extend their campaign to Korea, Vietnam, and other relevant countries.


Support for the Foundation

The foundation has a strong backbone which is helping them carry out such an influential work. Soi is the Thai word for Street, signifies that they are a foundation for the street animals. The organization has now bagged support from famous celebrities and receives funds to conduct humanitarian work. The campaign for the dog meat trade has propelled the government to the enactment of ‘Prevention of Animal Cruelty and Provision of Animal Welfare Act’.

If we go back in history, we can see that Thailand is a place famous for serving dog meat and dog trading. But, on the other hand, organizations like Soi Dog Foundation is not only helping the dogs but giving out a loud message to all other nations on how to be a help for the stray animals.  


Ways to Help Soi Dog Foundation

There are many ways where you can support the Soi Dog Foundation by sitting at your home.  Let us have a look at the ways.

Make a Donation: You can donate your preferred amount so that the Soi Dog Foundation can receive some aid. As humanity prevails, sending some funds can be one of the wisest options. Alternatively, you can choose to sponsor a dog or a group of stray cats and dogs. This will help the organization to grow and feel confident. Support comes in a lot of ways and can be perceived in a lot of ways too.

Adopt animals: Apart from donating, you can also do the reverse. Adopt dogs or cats and give them a home, a family so that they can grow in a normal environment. Each and every animal feels the pain and agony of staying away from their family. They cannot speak but their silence has a high volume speaking for them.

These two were the easiest ways to render support and help to the foundation who takes care of stray dogs and cats.

To enhance and give a better life to the stray animals in the country and Asia, Soi Dog Foundation is out on a mission to make Asia a region free from stray animals. The outcome will be beneficial to both humans and animals. The wish to improve and make a society where are no homeless animals hovering around is what the Soi Dog Foundation endeavors for.

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