Falguni Shah: The only Indian women nominated for Grammy

Grammy is one of the most prestigious music awards in the world. Being nominated is itself a tribute and a matter of pride. The award show honors all the best singers and music composers who have made their mark in the preceding year with their music. The story is about one such an artist who is the only Indian female to bag the nomination in the 2019 Grammy!

Falguni Shah, a New York-based singer, was called in the category of the Best Children’s Album for the 61st Grammy Award. Her album’s name was Falu’s Bazaar. The Winner of this category was Lucy Kalantari and the Jazz Cats who bagged it for the music album ‘All the Sounds’.

Falguni Shah: The Queen of Fusion Music

Falguni has a four-year-old boy and works as a singer and at the same time is raising her son. Her reason behind the album was her son. She wanted him to understand that why is he different from other boys in the school.

Her album which was released on 2018 February 16,  got huge recognition and that’s how it paved its way into the Grammy Nominations. Falguni opened up about her son in one of the TV media shows and said, when her son was only a kid, he came back from school and had various questions in mind. Falguni hails from a Gujarati background, and hence her living pattern and cuisine are all similar to the culture. Her son once asked her, why is the food that we eat is yellow? Why do we converse in a different language at home?

Falguni thought the only way she could satisfy his curiosity is with the help of music. She made the album without realizing the fact that it will turn out to be the voice for thousands of children and families who are immigrants in the USA. Her song made ripples making people belie that being different is nothing wrong and it is a blessing to have a unique identity. There is no harm in living by your traditional roots and learning both the family as well as the country they live in. Both the native culture and the American culture can go hand in hand, and no one should be ashamed of this.


Background and Musical Journey

Falguni was born in Bombay and was raised in that city. She has a strong musical background as she was trained in Jaipur classical music along with the Banaras Thumri style. From the age of 3, she began learning singing, and both her grandma and mother were musicians. With passing time, Falguni gained immense popularity due to her impeccable inclinations of producing music fusions.

Her mentor was Ustad Sultan Khan and a leading classical vocalist Kishori Amonkar. Moreover, she idolized A.R. Rehman and was blessed to perform with him at the White House in the year 2009, at the time when Barrack Obama was the President.


Upcoming Projects

As a singer who can blend modern aesthetics to classical music, her ability to make people fall in love with her music is reflected in the Grammy.

Her upcoming project is based on an Urdu Poetry, and she has collaborated them with the contemporary day music composition. She believes her songs will be heard by the modern audience of the 21st century and will speak for itself.

Falguni relocated to the States in the year 2000; she had her dose of an initial fight for survival. However, her struggles paid off, and she has till date worked with high-profile musicians like Ricky Martin, Philip Glass, Blues Traveler, and her favorite A.R. Rehman.


Wrapping up…

The story is about a girl whose music created a wave of positivity around a country that is facing difficulties of immigrant outburst. Falguni has been a proud Indian and has never forgotten her roots, and that’s what makes her one of the best choices as the nominee for the most profoundly important music award. Although she did not triumph, she has undoubtedly made her country proud and entered her name in history forever.

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