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2 Data Analytics Jobs

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2 Data Analytics Jobs

Data Analytics Jobs

With the recognition of big data as a source to gain insights, the demand for Data Analytics is increasing like nothing else. It is considered the most wanted profession by 75% Internet of things. The scope of professional opportunities in Data Analytics Jobs is anticipated to grow in the future.


Looking for Data Analytics Jobs

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The future in the field of Data analytics is very bright. It can be the next big thing for you.


Why find Data Analytics Jobs?

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TechLauncher - Bangalore 11 months ago

Job Responsibilities Prepare reports on findings while illustrating data with graphs and translating complex results into written texts that are clear and understandable Devise and assess p...

The Orange Bulletin - Kolkata 12 months ago

Job Description 1. Account setup including Analytics, Business Page, Backend access etc. 2. On-Site optimisation – Sitemap, Robots, Meta Data etc. 3. Off-Site optimisation 4. Content creation ...