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Last updated on 09 May 2020


We at, a platform owned & operated by Applancer Services Private Limited, hold the utmost respect for your online privacy and are committed to providing the necessary protection in the management of any personally identifiable information that you share with us. This Cookie Policy serves as a transparent diary of how we use your collected information to ensure a better website experience.


a. Does use cookies?

Yes, uses cookies, tags, and other tracking technologies when you visit the platform. We make use of cookies to ensure you have the best experience on our website. By continuing to visit/use our services at, you agree to the use of cookies & other similar tracking technologies for the purposes we'll be mentioning in this policy. However, if you'd rather prefer not to receive cookies or web beacons, then you must either consult your browsing and third-party cookie settings or stop using our website.


b. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small or compact text file that might be used, for instance, to collect information about website activity. Some cookies and other tracking technologies may serve to recall Personal Information previously indicated by a website user. Nevertheless, most internet browsers allow you to control cookies, including whether or not to accept them and how you can remove them.

Essentially, the cookies stored helps in serving as an ID card for's servers, allowing us to serve you better & more efficiently, giving you a personalized experience on our website. The usage of web beacons, tags and scripts might be present on the website or in e-mails to assist us in delivering cookies, count visits, comprehend usage and determine if any actions have been taken on the e-mail or not.


Cookies can either be persistent or session cookies:

  • Persistent cookies: A persistent cookie helps us at recognize you as an existing user. It makes it easier to return to to interact with our services without signing in again, manually. 
  • Session cookies: Session cookies, on the other hand, only lasts as long as the session lasts.


c. What cookies are used by

We at use cookies, web beacons, and other tracking technologies from third-party partners like Google and Facebook for measurement services, better ad targetting, and for other marketing purposes. The stored cookies and web beacons allow us to display's promotional content for you on other websites you visit. The platform might also share your site behavior with third parties in order to show you targeted ads and other content that has been custom-made for you. makes use of the following types of cookies on its platform:

1. Essential Cookies

Essential cookies, which are sometimes called strictly necessary, are the cookies that are mandatorily used to provide the basic service of a platform. For example, essential cookies keep you logged into a site and remember your preferences as you surf the website. 

2. Analytics Cookies

Analytics cookies are created and used to keep track of the visitors on and partner websites, allowing us to make improvements and report our performance. E.g., the analytics cookies analyze the visitor and user behavior to provide better and more relevant content for our users, in addition to suggesting certain activities. might also use the analytics cookies to test the reaction of our users to new ads, pages, and/or features.

3. Functionality or Preference Cookies

Functionality or Preference Cookies are used to store the preferences or choices of an individual. Such cookies remember the information you've entered or the choices you've made, like your username, language, or region on the web site. These cookies also remember your preferences, personalizing, and optimizing your use of

4. Targeting/Advertising Cookies

The third-party advertising platforms or uses the Targeting/Advertising Cookies to deliver ads and track the ad performance, which is based on your surfing activities on the internet and the websites. The cookies keep track of the sites you've visited. The advertising done through such cookies are also referred to as behavioral, tracking, or targetted advertising. 



d. When does place cookies?

We at use cookies on our web and mobile sites, which helps us in identifying you quicker on your site return. The cookies help us in determining which pages or information you find more useful or interesting as a user on our website. also might use cookies for its personal analytics purposes that help in generating statistics and reports about the visitors and their activity behavior on the website.


e. How are cookies used for online analytics purposes?

We at might make use of web analytics services on the platform, like Google Analytics and Alexa Analytics, which help us in analyzing how users use our service. Additionally, the cookies also keep a note on the third-party websites bringing in traffic to ours. The information collected by the cookies and the web beacons will be collected by or disclosed directly to such service providers who use the information to examine your use of the services. 


f. How are cookies used for advertising purposes?

Cookies form a key element for online advertisement. Cookies, web beacons, pixel, and tags and other ad technology helps us at serve relevant ads to you more effectively. Cookies assist us in providing aggregated auditing, research, and reporting for advertisers, as well as, understand & improve our service, and know when the content has been displayed to you. works with website and advertising partners to deliver's ads on third party publisher websites. Such cookies assist and allow our partners to recognize your system so that you receive further's ads elsewhere on the internet. It helps our analytics software in measuring your level of interest in our services by analyzing your engagements and interaction while using

The servers, through these ways, compile anonymous, de-identified data about your location where you, or other users of your computers, saw our ads. It is because of this data that allows and assists the ad network in delivering the targetted advertisements that might interest you, thereby, allowing to optimize our ad campaign performance and the usability of our site. also uses 2factor for its SMS service.

Overall, in this way, we use analytics data in agreement with data about our online advertisements that have been shown using the online advertising networks, and by doing so, we are able to understand how the anonymous users interact with our web site after seeing our advertisements and their impact.


g. What third-party cookies does use?

Kindly note that third parties, including the advertising networks and external service providers like the web traffic analysis services, might also use cookies on our website. The names of cookies, pixels, and other tracking tech is subjective to change over time. 

We only promote and partner with trusted entities to help us service advertising, who might store cookies on your device. We also uproot through content from social networks into our own pages like Facebook, Google+, etc. If a user logs in to Facebook or Google+ through our website, they will leave a cookie on your computer.

We, at KillerLaunch, also make use of Google Analytics and Alexa Analytics on our services to help us analyze how our services have been used. Google Analytics and Alexa Analytics make use of the performance cookies to monitor customer interactions and content engagement.

Kindly go through the privacy policies for these external services to understand the cookie and data policy of the organizations mentioned below.




Google Analytics-

Alexa Analytics:

Google Double Click-

Google Tag Manager-


h. What are web beacons?

Web beacons, also referred to as tracking bugs, are typically used by third parties to track the activity of users at a web site for the vital purpose of web analytics or page tagging. advertises on third party sites occasionally., in order to measure the success of our ad campaigns, uses the visitor identification tech of web beacons, which counts the visitors who have come to our site after seeing a banner ad on a third-party site. Additionally, it is possible that our partner might also use web beacons to accumulate data as provided by your internet browser while your at a site where is third-party.

Kindly note that by using our site, you're agreeing that we can place cookies and web beacons on your device. In case you don't wish to receive web beacons, either consult your browsing settings or stop using the site. 


i. How do you control cookies?

You can change cookie settings on your internet browser if you do not wish your web beacons to be placed on the website. You can easily manage and delete installed cookies on your browser by following the steps mentioned by your browser provider.


Changing Cookie Policy

Please note that our cookie policies are updated after certain intervals. Amendments made or changes made will become effective on the 'Last updated' date mentioned above. You will be accepting the amended cookie policy if you make use of this site after the updated date.