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In this article, we look at the Top 10 Payment Gateways in India. A Payment gateway is that e-commerce service provider which acts as an intermediary.
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Top 10 Payment Gateway Providers in India as per February 2019

What are payment gateways? A Payment gateway is that e-commerce service provider which acts as an intermediary between the website and transactions. Payment Gateway assesses

Apparently on 14th of February Amazon gave up on the plans of having the second headquarters. The initial plans of Amazon didn’t work out as fluently.
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New York rejects Amazon: The full story uncovered

Amazon is one of the biggest E-commerce giant founded by Jeff.P.Bezos. The company's annual revenue is over $61 Billion. The industry is an online retailing

Whatsapp has partnered with Invest India to start an initiative called 'Startup India-WhatsApp Grand Challenge'. The prize money accounts to Rs 1.8 crores.
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The Whatsapp Startup India Challenge: How to participate?

Facebook-owned Whatsapp is a popular brand worldwide. And, it has come to India with a brilliant program. India is a country rich with the finest

The collaboration of amazing food start-ups have transformed the way we indulge in food. These are the top 10 food delivery start-ups in USA.
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Top 10 food delivery startups in America

Food delivery start-ups are a big thing nowadays and these 10 food delivery startups in America are quite sizzling! You will be excited to find

Venture capital firms are increasingly becoming a boon for startups, small and medium-sized enterprises. Ten highest grossing venture capital.
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Top 10 venture capital firms from around the globe

Early-stage company ventures obtain funding and direction from venture capitalists in trade for an ownership stake in the firm. Venture capital is the business capital

These were the 10 alternative dating apps similar to Tinder. Explore different types of apps and who knows you might find your soulmate.
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Top 10 Dating Apps Similar to Tinder

Dating applications have come like a breath of fresh air for the people who do not really like mixing with people at public places. It

Flipkart: As Indian e-commerce’s biggest success story celebrates a $16 billion acquisition by Walmart, the 10-year journey thus far are discussed below.
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The Story of Flipkart: The Indian Ecommerce Giant

Flipkart has striven to live an extended successful role model for startups, the dreamers who feared reality and made India stand to compete against startups

A Domain name plays a significant role in online services. The costumes can be attracted nicely if the name contains some uniqueness.
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20 Best Domain Names listed at

Every business with an outstanding purpose requires an exceptionally perfect name. Choosing such unique names is a significant thing to be done correctly. is

Compared to men entrepreneurs female entrepreneurs face more challenges when getting approved for business funding. Here are some of the reasons.
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Why do female Entrepreneurs get less funding for startups?

Compared to men entrepreneurs female entrepreneurs face more challenges when getting approved for business funding. Since access to business capital is necessary for business growth,

Zomato is one of the finest products from India, it is one of the most used food directories. It was launched in 2008 by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah.
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Zomato: The Origin, Funding and Outlook

Want to order food from outside? You rummage around the various menus, choose your bistro then select what you wish and order, right? That is

The small island of Malta has become a very good spot for startups and growth. It has a build-up of some very important startups, since last few years.
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Top 15 Startups in Malta that are making it big

Malta is a Southern European country consisting of an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. Malta was inhabited since around 5900 BC. Malta was previously a

SEMrush is one of the best software when it comes to research the competition of business in the market. Let us have a glance at 10 alternatives of SEMrush.
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10 Alternatives to SEMrush

When it comes to providing competitive data to online businesses as well as digital marketers so that they could improve their decisions related to finance