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In this article, we look at the Top 10 Payment Gateways in India. A Payment gateway is that e-commerce service provider which acts as an intermediary.
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Top 10 Payment Gateway Providers in India as per February 2019

What are payment gateways? A Payment gateway is that e-commerce service provider which acts as an intermediary between the website and transactions. Payment Gateway assesses

Fashion brands have left no stone unturned to revolutionize the industry according to their terms.Here is a list of 10 most expensive fashion brands.
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Top 10 most expensive fashion brands around the globe

The global garments industry is valued at almost 3 million dollars. Meanwhile, the luxury clothing brand has a valuation worth a whopping 300 million dollars!

Apparently on 14th of February Amazon gave up on the plans of having the second headquarters. The initial plans of Amazon didn’t work out as fluently.
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New York rejects Amazon: The full story uncovered

Amazon is one of the biggest E-commerce giant founded by Jeff.P.Bezos. The company's annual revenue is over $61 Billion. The industry is an online retailing

McDonald's inception in 1948, from a small family of burger, has now become the fastest growing fast food chain with more than 30,000 in over 118 countries.
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The journey of Mcdonald’s: Ray Kroc

McDonald's inception in 1948, from a small family of burger it has now become the fastest growing fast food chain having more than 30,000 in

Venture capital firms are increasingly becoming a boon for startups, small and medium-sized enterprises. Ten highest grossing venture capital.
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Top 10 venture capital firms from around the globe

Early-stage company ventures obtain funding and direction from venture capitalists in trade for an ownership stake in the firm. Venture capital is the business capital

Flipkart: As Indian e-commerce’s biggest success story celebrates a $16 billion acquisition by Walmart, the 10-year journey thus far are discussed below.
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The Story of Flipkart: The Indian Ecommerce Giant

Flipkart has striven to live an extended successful role model for startups, the dreamers who feared reality and made India stand to compete against startups

A good domain name is very important for any business, especially if it is an ecommerce website. Here are the top ten ecommerce website names ideas.
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Top 10 ecommerce website name ideas 2019

Are you having trouble deciding what should be the best possible name for your e-commerce website; well you have come to the right place! We

PayPal has been the most popular payment gateway, there are up and coming apps that have now taken its place. Here are the top 10 alternatives to PayPal.
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Top 10 Alternatives To PayPal: International Payment Gateways

With e-money at the height of its use, apps like PayPal have become our best friends. The use of online payment gateways that users avail

A Domain name plays a significant role in online services. The costumes can be attracted nicely if the name contains some uniqueness.
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20 Best Domain Names listed at

Every business with an outstanding purpose requires an exceptionally perfect name. Choosing such unique names is a significant thing to be done correctly. is

Influencers give and take influencing. Who emerges as a good influencer probably was greatly influenced by numerous people himself.
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Influencers Aren’t Born they’re Built

If we leave the world to its own devices, it will remain peopled by inexperienced minds, both young and old, there are certain traits that

The small island of Malta has become a very good spot for startups and growth. It has a build-up of some very important startups, since last few years.
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Top 15 Startups in Malta that are making it big

Malta is a Southern European country consisting of an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. Malta was inhabited since around 5900 BC. Malta was previously a

SEMrush is one of the best software when it comes to research the competition of business in the market. Let us have a glance at 10 alternatives of SEMrush.
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10 Alternatives to SEMrush

When it comes to providing competitive data to online businesses as well as digital marketers so that they could improve their decisions related to finance