We are embedded into Digital Disruption which has drastically changed the way we interact,
collaborate & Live. The next wave of disruption is taking this transformation to next level
where Human – Machine interaction using new age technologies like AI, IOT, Analytics and so is creating a new paradigm. We call it Digital Disruption 3.0.

Merkado is a new age Tech Startup focused on Digital Disruption 3.0. Our Expertise lies in 3 core areas :
- Digital Transformation Consulting
- Digital Transformation Solutions
- Digital Solutions Exchange Cloud Platform, GOKADDAL : Ist of its kind

Merkado’s Cloud Platform, Gokaddal is going to revolutionize the way Digital Solutions are
Sourced, Delivered and Managed. A Cloud based, Solutions Exchange Platform which is
waiting to disrupt the market. Gokaddal is created to help Solution Seekers (customers)
realize their Digital Transformation Vision, by bringing to them Right Solutions with Right
Tools & Right Providers. Our tagline says it all : Bridging Gaps, Digitally

Gokaddal focus will be around 4 key areas of Digital Transformation :
- Automation
- Artificial Intelligence
- Augmentative
- Analytics

Web Developer
  • Bangalore
  • Min Assured: ₹20000 (+ ₹120000 incentives)
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