Hotel Data Strategy

Helping hotels thrive and stay afloat in this difficult time

Hotel Data Strategy builds software solutions to help our clients in the hotel industry thrive and stay afloat especially in this difficult time. We are a small company with broad impact and reach including in the United States and Europe.

We value tidy solutions that are easy to maintain, using creativity to brainstorm the best solution for a problem, and there is very little bureaucratic process to get in the way.

In addition to salary, we offer an upfront and monthly stipend to help you invest in your workspace. We believe in investing in our talent with mentorship and courses of your interest. We have a high hiring bar, not based on exams or certifications, but rather based on your skills, creativity, and practical experience. The technical side of the company is managed by an engineer like you, who has a legacy at Google and previously startups in Silicon Valley.

Senior Software Engineer
  • Remote
  • ₹16000000 Per Annum
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