Book Your Guru

See. Choose. Learn. Repeat

Book Your Guru (BYG) (a DPIIT recognised startup backed by Route2Market and Rodic Consultants) is creating India’s first educational e-marketplace where the vision is to democratise and decentralise traditional education by empowering students to connect with their ideal guru in a revolutionary way.

BYG realises the importance and value of the “right” teacher in a student’s life. Finding such a teacher is a long, complex and often exhausting process. And if the teacher’s wavelength doesn’t match with that of the student, it leads to a general dislike for the subject being taught due to lack of clear understanding and poor development of fundamentals.

We believe the young and modern generation needs to choose their ideal Guru themselves according to their personal learning capacity and potential. BYG aims to empower the student community through technology and information and by giving them the “freedom to choose”.

On BYG - Parents, Students and Individuals can explore from an elite community of highly experienced teachers for their desired subject, consult their unique teaching portfolios for a holistic insight into their skill-set and expertise and then choose who they want to study from based on their learning requirements.