BYJU’S, the learning app: One of the most successful Indian Startups

India’s biggest education-technology organization Byju’s has silently enrolled India’s refined unicorn club, crossing $1 billion in estimated worth. Yes, we are talking about  Byju’s Learning App. From 2 lakhs to 3300 crores, the story will move you with inspiration and make you wonder how simple things can transform into bigger ideas.

India’s First Learning App: Brain Behind the Sucess of BYJU’s

Everyone knows about India’s largest learning app. Actors like Shah Rukh Khan has stepped in to endorse the brand. However, do you know who is the bran behind this epic learning application?

Let us introduce you to Byju Raveendran, whose name is the identity of the app today. He hails from Azikode, Kerela and his parents were teachers, however, he never had any interest in this field. he loved sports and all he could do is play and play.

After graduating as an engineer, he worked in a shipping company as a globetrotter service engineer. You must be wondering how can an engineer become a teacher. It all started by accident. Byju was a very bright student and had a brilliant mind in mathematics. His passion was football and his wish to lead a liberal life was supported by his parents. Playing sports taught him some crucial skills that later helped him to a great extent. Performing under pressure was something he used to do since childhood, hence the app building gestation period was all a cakewalk for him.

Working as a shipping service engineer opened a new horizon to him. he got to travel to new places and face several kinds of challenges on his journey. Surprisingly, Byju never wanted to become an entrepreneur but destiny had something different planned for him.


How did Byju start the Byju’s Learning App?

Once upon a time, when he was a working professional, he was on a holiday in Bangalore. he had working friends who were preparing for CAT. Some of them approached Byjus to guide them with mathematics. While he helped them prepare, he himself sat for the CAT exam and secured 100 percentile. However, he did not have any intention to join IIM. many of his friends got through and took admission in the other highly ranked colleges as well as IIM.

When he was back in India, in the year 2005, more friends approached him to teach maths and help them prepare for CAT exams. This is the beginning of Byju’s journey as a teacher. The terrace became room and rooms became halls and halls turned into the stadium!

As time passed, there was an enormous increase in the number of students and hence Byju was forced to leave his job. he started giving lectures in different cities and earned a popular name.  By then, he realized that he readily enjoys full-time teaching.

According to Byju, ‘ it is a surreal experience when students in different cities wait for my classes’. Teaching became a performance art and he was trying to find out innovative ways to solve problems. He earned a fortune, which he never thought he could, as a teacher. He observed that the basic clarity of concepts was lacking in students and that’s when he took the initiative to start teaching students from the grassroots level.

Understanding concepts are very important to know the subject. The Maths Olympiad winner, never thought exams to be intimidating. He enjoyed solving problem and that’s why he feels he has excelled in all his exams and papers.


The emergence of the App and Byju’s Social Message to the Society

With the help of some passed out students, he launched Byju’s Learning App in the year 2005. Within a year the app witnessed 5.5 million downloads with 250,000 surplus students using it. The monthly subscriptions started and every year thousands of students renewed, that’s a clear indication that the app was beneficial for them. Today, it is one of the most prosperous education startups in India.

Byju believes that if a student learns the concept and loves the problems then it is going to be as fruitful as you want it. Only pacing ahead to score god in exams is curbing the very essence of education. Another important aspect highlighted by him is the quest to ask questions. Kids ask a lot of questions because they are curious, but as we grow we are discouraged to ask questions, we are made to feel that only fools ask questions, as that shows the person has no knowledge. But, this is not true, questions are the only way you can keep your thought process alive and active.

Never work on your weaknesses, instead, turn around and focus on the strengths. Bju has no intention of creating a billion-dollar firm, but to revolutionize the learning process for the students.

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