Why Indian Startups are missing the game by not focusing on their domain name?

The startup wave took over India earlier this decade, which gave birth to multiple successful golden companies that have transformed the face of the industries they’ve been a part of. Indian unicorn Oyo is one of the largest hospitality chains in the world today. While several factors add to its success, its domain name contributes a crucial part. 

Different industries work on different terms. While some work on creating sales physically, others rely on online purchases. By ignoring the importance of a domain name, you are ignoring the critical point of running your business. Not only does a website with a relevant and good domain name is excellent for creating a customer base, but it is also great for seeking validation in the online world. 


Importance of a Good Domain Name for Indian Startups

1. Marketing and Online Visibility

Having a good domain name for your startup allows you to build your audience without restricting your reach. A good domain name that is catchy, brandable, short, and memorable gives your business an edge in the ocean of opportunities. It acts as a catalyst by building your startup’s online visibility through marketing. 


2. Credibility

Whenever a potential customer hears about your startup, the first thing that they do is Google you. A website with a good domain name builds credibility for your brand in the eyes of the user where he/she sees our startup as a professional business environment.


3. Builds Brandability

You must have read about the startup stories of successful ventures that were able to thrive in their industry because of their brand-ability in the market. Building a brand is a tough task that must go through a multiple layer system. Remember, your domain name should be a reflection of your business name. 


4. One-Time-Investment

Consider domain names as the real estate of the world wide web. Each domain name comes at a price. The better the value of the domain, the higher the rate. However, you must invest in a domain name that checks all the boxes of your startup. Once you obtain it, the domain value will increase over time as the domain authority grows.


5. Google Ranking

Google’s algorithm ranks relevant sites according to the search made by the user. Using the right keywords in your domain name ensures that your website gets listed higher up in the search engine’s result ranking. For example, whenever a user looks for the word internship, Google shows Internshala as one of the top results because of its domain name. 


A good domain name is an irreplaceable asset that a startup must own to ensure the company makes the best out of their business, both in the online as well as the offline world. Therefore, take your time while picking a domain name for your startup as it will serve as a long term investment for you.

Saumya Uniyal
Saumya Uniyal
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