What is Tamilrockers? How does it work? [2019 Updated]

The piracy industry is vast, and it has been around for a long time to provide illegal entertainment to the general public. The main aim of these platforms is to provide pirated content like television shows, movies, music, and games for free to the general public by connecting visitors to magnet links and torrent files and allow them to download this content without any copyright issues.

Over the years, there were strict actions that were taken against such platforms and websites. Still, the industry is more significant than expected, and it collects millions and billions through their operation. One such notorious site of the piracy industry is Tamilrockers.

What is Tamilrockers? How to use the Tamilrockers website?

Launched in 2011, Tamilrockers is a website that provides copyrighted content, which includes television shows, movies, music, and games for people across the globe. The platform uses magnet links and torrent files that would allow the user to download copyrighted material for free. The website has been operating for more than eight years, and it provides all the latest television shows.

Note: Initially, Tamilrockers was launched as a bootleg recording network, but over time, the developers shifted to turning the platform into a public torrent website.

The platform also provides the latest movies ranging from Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam to Bollywood, and Hollywood movies to the users. These movies are available on the platform for online streaming as well as these can be downloaded in HD quality from the site. This platform is the Indian version of the internationally used Pirate Bay platform. This website is mostly used in the Southern region of India, and it is famous among South Indian movie fans.

A user can use the website by simply searching the name of the movie they are looking for and browse through the list of the available options and download the link that suits them the best depending on the quality of the content. The website has been operating for a while now, and it has been criticized on various news aggregators and news channels for the way it works.

Tamilrockers website ban and Tamilrockers new domain link

From the past few years, the entertainment industry has been very strict about the platforms they work with due to the chances of the material getting leaked before the actual release. Tamilrockers was listed among the list of pirated websites, apps, and hosting providers by the movie industry group MPPA (Motion Picture Association of America).

In India, the government ordered internet service providers to block access to websites. However, the site is not ready to give up as they continue operating in the region by changing their web addresses every time it gets blocked.

The last known Tamirockers domain was Tamilrockers.al and Tamilrockers.ws, but they were banned by the government soon. Tamilrockers new link for the site is not known yet, but the users use various ways like using VPN to gain access to the blocked website.

Tamilrockers movies download

Tamilrockers movies have been providing the latest content to all the users by illegal means. There were instances that various films were released on the platform just within a few hours of their official release.

Bahubali 2: The Conclusion is the highest-grossing Indian film, and it was released on Tamilrockers just in a few hours after its release on 28th April.

Who are the Tamilrockers founders?

Tamilrockers founders have not made themselves public as they are well aware of the operation that they are carrying out is illegal. However, there have been incidents of arrests of people that were associated with the platform. The first arrest was made in December 2016 when few members of the platform were arrested because of their association with the platform.

Another arrest took place when three people came forward, claiming that they are part of the network. On 14th March 2018, three people claimed that they were the founders of the website, and the whole operation was run by them after which they were arrested. It was believed that one of them was the site administrator. The arrests continued as more people were arrested in May 2019 from Coimbatore.

This explains that the platform has a vast network and team of operators who are willing to risk it all to keep the platform up and running. Tamilrockers is not accessible right now in the country, but Tamilrockers proxy servers are available, which are used by people to access the platforms.

Tamilrockers 2019

While the platform does not appear in the search results on Google anymore, but Tamilrockers has been still making it to the news as it continues to operate and launch the latest movies on its platform.

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