What is .ru domain? All details

The .ru domain has served the Russian companies and federations for ages and forayed as a second-level domain into various other sectors and areas. Read more about the .ru domain extension in this article below.

The .com extension is one of the most popular and widely used domain extension used in the market. But nowadays, there’s a noticeable shift of the traditional domain extensions with the newer, trendier & shorter versions. 

One of the trending extension is the .ru extension. In this article, we’ll provide answers to your questions like what is .ru domain, who uses it, etc.


What is .ru Domain Name?

The .ru domain (1) name extension was introduced back in April 1994 and has gained the spot of one of the top-level domains in the recent past. The .ru domain serves as the Internet country code top-level domain for the Russian Federation (2). 

The charge for .ru has been assigned to the Coordination Center for TLD RU (3), which serves as its official registry. Post-2005, new registrations for domains directly under.ru domain was put to an end.

Currently, the registry for domain names under the second-level domains like .net.ru, .com.ru, etc. are carried out.  

Fact: The popular Russian .ru domain extension has a total of 5,381,137 as per the latest data (4).


Features of the .ru Domain:

The ccTLD .ru has continuously been developing under self-regulation. The .ru domain holds certain limitations and features for its domain registrations which are:

  1. Character Length: The domain names for .ru extension can be up to 63 characters with no special characters.
  2. Minimum Requirement: The domain must contain a minimum of 3 characters and can include alphabets (a-z), numbers (0-9) and hyphens (except beginning or end of the name).
  3. Who can Register: Anyone, living in Russia or abroad, can register of a .ru domain.
  4. Registration Length: The registration length for .ru domains stands at 1 year.
  5. Renewal length: The renewal length for .ru domains stands at 1 year.
  6. Documents: You must provide the registry with your birthdate, passport number, date & location while registering for a .ru domain. Additionally, Russian companies must submit their taxpayer’s identification number, company registration number & registrant name. 

Note: You can buy unique domains from KillerLaunch, GoDaddy (5), etc. 


The .ru domain serves the best for Russian companies and organizations but can serve as an equally beneficial domain extension because of its short, memorable & catchy domain extension. 

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