What is .me domain? All details

The .me domain names are currently amongst some of the most popular and most desired domain extensions in the domain market. The .me domain extension comes with a personal touch, which has made it stand out in the extension market, consisting of thousands of extensions. 

Moreover, if you are looking for answers to questions like what is a .me domain, who uses it, why is it trending, etc. you’ve landed on the right page. 


What is .me domain?

.me domain

The .me domain is the domain extension that was introduced back in 2006 and has gained top-level domain popularity, especially amongst social media companies & businesses in Maine (1) & Middle East (2).

It is known for its unique, short & interactive domain extension in comparison to generic TLDs. The .me domain is the ccTLD (3) for Montenegro (4), which was made open to everyone for all.me domains at various registrars. 

Fact: According to the Domain Count Statistics (5) tool for TLDs, .me currently has a domain space count of 955,924.


Why use .me domain extension?

The .me extension has gained popularity as a TLD for personalized web addresses and as a catchy business marketing tool. The .me domain serves call-to-action domains and social network activities the best.

There are several reasons why you should select the .me domain in today’s times: 

  • Personal: The .me domain extension contains a sharp, captivating online identity that is essential in the virtual world. It makes your brand unique with a personalized touch.
  • Call-to-Action: The .me domains create a call-to-action and a powerful marketing message amongst the audience through its crisp URL. For example, Join.me, Get.me, etc.
  • Universal: The .me domain’s area is not limited to a particular geographical area. It is, in fact, open to registration for individuals across the world. 
  • Secure: The .me domain extension is an entirely safe domain that ensures maximum security to its buyer.


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I hope we were able to answer your question of what is .me domain and all the interconnected array of doubts regarding the same. Various famous firms are using .me domains to help deliver a personal touch to their site. For example, Facebook’s fb.me (6), Google+’s g.me (7) & Telegram’s t.me (8).

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