What is .io domain? All details

The.io domain has been trending in the current times, especially amongst the tech startups. Read more about the .io domain extension in this article below.

The most popular domain extension .com is well known amongst the crowds. But have you recently noticed the rise in the usage of .io domains in the recent past? If you’re looking for answers to questions like what is the .io domain, who uses it, etc., you’ve landed on the right page.


What is .io domain name?

The .io domain name is a domain extension that was started back in 1997 and has gained top-level domain popularity amongst the startup community for its unique and short extension compared to generic TLDs. 

.io domain

The .io domain extension has been assigned to British Indian Ocean Territory (1) and is administered by the Internet Computer Bureau (2). 

Fact: The famous brand Levi Strauss & Co. (3) was the first to get domain levi.io registered in 1998. 


Why use .io domain extension?

The .io domain extension is known as the Internet Country Code Top-Level Domain-ccTLD (4) that was initially started as an area extension but has expanded to become the most popular one amongst startups.


So what is .io domain’s qualities that make it a top-level domain in today’s times: 

  • Uniqueness: The .io extension serves as a unique and catchy domain extension in comparison to the generic TLDs, which helps your startup stand out.
  • Short: Shorter domain extension increases its memorability amongst the crowds, making it a better choice for companies.  
  • Trendy: The .io domain is picking up amongst the public, which makes it one of the hottest selling domain extensions.
  • Tech Relevance: In the software and technology world, i/o means input/output, making it a relevant choice for an audience of tech startups
  • Availability: Various country code domains like .us, .uk, etc. are limited to the country you live in. However, with the .io domain, any anywhere can gain access to the domain extension. 


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