Ways to keep your job search active during the Covid-19 Pandemic

If you are looking out for a job actively during this time, this article will be very useful for you as it contains many helpful tips.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made a very big impact on economic activity all across the globe. Many industries, like Hotel, Aviation, Travel, and Retail, have been impacted the most.

The situation right now has completely changed. Therefore, your job search strategy has to change to keep the ball rolling during these times.

During this time, it would help to remember that the highs and lows of the l market are recurring. Most importantly, keeping a positive outlook and believing in your passion won’t steer you in the wrong way. You should know that this, too, shall pass.


These are some ways to keep your job search going.


1] Expand and nurture your network

Connecting with professionals and maintaining a good relationship with colleagues from previous jobs can open up many opportunities for you. 

You can post your ideas, articles, and other content that will attract an audience. You can connect with recruiters at companies you admire through email. But make sure to do your research on the company first. It would be best if your message describes your talents and demonstrates a working knowledge of their company. 

As you know, in-person contact is limited, so make every effort to use videoconferencing to maintain your relationships. Virtual interaction during these times can not only boost your mood; it can also make a good impression on the recruiters if done effectively.


2] Focus on professional development

Daily routines and commutes can get in the way of learning new skills. Depending on your field, short-term work may also be an option, as companies usually look to make use of the talent they have in different ways. You can join online courses and learn as many new skills as possible. 

You can even earn professional certifications. Upon receiving those merits, don’t forget to update your resume. 

Do not neglect to practice for virtual interviews, which was popular even before the pandemic. Analyze your posture, maintain eye contact, tone of voice,etc—all the important details to get right.


3] Refine your work-from-home button

Since the length of the pandemic is not known, it’s necessary to stay productive. Maintain regular hours and think as if you were going to work. Set some ground rules with family members and try to remain consistent.

Schedule your breaks and make sure you follow them.

 If you’re able to show your effectiveness during this pandemic, you’ll increase the chances of you being one of them. 


4] Keep searching for relevant jobs

Don’t sit back with the thought that you are not getting hired by any recruiter.

There will definitely be some companies that are still hiring, and you have to search for them and apply to them.

 In the current COVID pandemic, a number of companies have put a pause to their hiring process, but there will still be some who are hiring.

It would be best to keep your job search on and apply to as many jobs as possible.


5] Update your resume

In addition to learning new skills, it is also important to keep updating your resume.

Add the new certifications you have acquired so that you will be more visible to the recruiters.

Work more on catching the recruiters’ attention.


6] Stay informed

As the society continues to adjust to the new situation due to COVID-19, industries may go through different phases in the coming months. While many will shrink, others might grow. Moreover, there will always be people moving from one job to another for their own reasons.

Some jobs may not be as public as they used to be. Some companies may list jobs only on their websites or by referral.

You always have to stay alertKeep track of the companies that you want to work with, and always keep in touch with your network. It’s also important to pay close attention to the news. You have to be in a position to grab a new opportunity as soon as it becomes available.


7] Dont give up!

It’s an easy job watching the news about all the companies laying off the staff, but you cannot accomplish anything from the sidelines, and whether looking for a new opportunity or even unemployed, you should never neglect a goal.

This pandemic might cut down the number of opportunities available, but it won’t stop you from getting your skills and qualifications in front of the right people. You can introduce yourself on LinkedIn and make connections with the industry you are interested in. It doesn’t stop you from writing a killer cover letter and resume.

It might take a while to attain the end result, but that should not prevent you from working hard. In the end, it will all pay off. But that can only happen if you continue the excellent work and never give up.


I hope that these tips will help you to in your job search and keep you inspired to keep learning new skills for your job search challenges.


I am currently pursuing my engineering in JSSATEB.I have a habit of reading novels, especially , mysteries and thrillers and i also write poems and short stories in my free time. I believe that i should keep expanding my knowledge and upgrading myself as much as possible .Travelling and exploring as many places possible has always been my passion

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